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Oscar in Movieland Filming Soon

Posted by Brad Long

Coming to the Americas on February 8

We have just received word from our good friends at Virtual Playground that the follow up to their first DSiWare game, Oscar in Toyland, will be out on the DSiWare service in North America on the 8th of February for 800, with Europe and Australasia getting the game later on in the month.

The game will employ a similar gameplay style to the original, except for this game we've been promised some improved graphics and graphical techniques (such as parallax scrolling backdrops). Oscar himself will be wearing different costumes to compliment each movie-themed level.

Oscar in Movieland was originally released on the Commodore Amiga worldwide, and at the time was known as Commodore's answer to Sonic and Mario. It was later released on other PC and console formats.

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TwilightV said:

Hmm... if I ever get around to finally downloading some DSiWare, I may give it a shot.



Birdman said:

DSiWare does need some more platformers ... I just wish they were good platformers.



brandonbwii said:

I love the nostagia of looking at animals with 'tude. Unfortunately that's not enough for me to want to buy something like this.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Chibi: That's what they informed us, I personally never knew the first game didn't come out! But yeah, the second one has been confirmed by Virtual Playground themselves.



MetalDragon said:

I remember playing the original game on the Amiga 1200 it was a pretty solid platformer from what I remember, decent graphics and some good level designs. Lets hope they make a good conversion to the DSi and we might be in for a good little platform game.



HogWizard said:

Thought Oscar in Toyland had loads of gameplay and well worth the 800pts. If Movieland has half of what they say, parallax backgrounds, better graphics generally and Oscar himself in lots of Movieland disguises etc. I'm definitely buying it.



Natie31 said:

Lookin at the gameplay looks pretty good to me will be gettin this one cant wait for Monday.



sonic_brawler95 said:

Did anyone else find it funny that the main character is named Oscar and it takes place in Movieland.



HogWizard said:

sb95 - yeah I picked that up too! Imagine if Oscar had to go around picking up little gold statuettes in the game and goes between the movies on a red carpet !

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