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Look out Europe! Picross 3D Coming to Swallow Up Your Time

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

3D chiseling goodness due on February 5th

Picross 3D was released all the way back in March for our Japanese friends. Since then Nintendo announced it for more Western shores during E3 in June, and then things went a bit quiet on the block-chiseling front.

However, now Nintendo of Europe have piped up saying Picross 3D is now due for Europe on February 5th. The puzzler will feature over 350 new 3D Puzzles and like it's more 2D brother will include custom puzzle design and an opportunity for the best designers each month to be featured in a downloadable puzzle pack. For those wanting to share the puzzle-love you can send other DS owners a sampler of the game too.

We reviewed the Japanese release a while back and thought Picross was as great in three-dimensions as it is in two. So this title should be well worth waiting for!


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Percentful said:

When is it coming to US?
...or has it already come out, and I'm just completely oblivious?



WolfRamHeart said:

I loved Picross on the DS. I can't wait until this game comes to North America. It's going to be great!



Stuffgamer1 said:

Picross DS had...a LOT of downloadable packs in America. I think it was like...12 or so packs of up to 10 puzzles each. Definitely well over 100 puzzles total.

Now I'm jealous. Hurry up and announce a date for America, Nintendo! I do NOT want to have to import this!



Zammy said:

Already have it, it's painfully addictive.
Put me in detention a lot for lack of homework due to excessive playing.

... It was awesome. :3



Croz said:

Awesome, but I’d of liked this for Wii more than DS, the screens on the DS are too small IMO, even though I enjoyed the first DS game the constant zooming in and out eventually got on my nerves.



maka said:

I love this game, it's so good I stopped playing the 2D version (and that one was my favorite puzzle game until then).

I imported the Japanese version because I didn't want to wait a year so I've been playing it since release and language is not really a problem because after a while playing around you'll know what all the menus mean. You can even participate on contests because those are listed on a web site that can be translated automatically.

But the biggest reason was the fact that Picross 2D got awful support in Europe with just 2 downloadable packs. So far, Picross 3D has had about 30 downloadable packs of puzzles with 8 contests. Somehow I'm not sure all those will make it to Europe, and I wasn't about to wait a whole year to find out...

Edit: BTW, check out this translated page for more information:



Blue_Cat said:

I'm still waiting to get Picross 2D. This looks really fun, but I think just getting the 2D one will be good for now.




Picross was/is one of the very best puzzlers on the DS. I think its pretty much regarded as such across the reviewing board. We love it in my household too.

This P3D has been on my insta-buy list since its announcement. Can't wait.



JoeDiddley said:

I imported this for Christmas and it is awesome

Like other people have said: I'm glad I got the Japanese version. My European 2d Picross did not get the same download support as Japan and the US.



Bugpy said:

I played the Japanese version and it got me hooked for ages before I finally completed it!!



maka said:

"Awesome, but I’d of liked this for Wii more than DS, the screens on the DS are too small IMO, even though I enjoyed the first DS game the constant zooming in and out eventually got on my nerves."
Just noticed this... In this game there is no need for zooming in. Puzzles have a maximum size of 10x10x10 blocks and always fit nicely on the screen (the program automatically zooms in/out so the whole puzzle is visible.

This is one of the reasons this game replaced 2D Picross for me



Peznaze said:

Ah, finally a date announced, if only for EU... Hopefully it's a western-hemisphere simultaneous launch...

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