Will we ever get chance to chip away at this pooch?

As if the original grid-colouring puzzler Picross weren't tricky enough, Nintendo have just released the sequel Rittai Picross ("Solid Body Picross" - similar to what they call me at the gym) in Japan and it's taken the series firmly into 3D territory for the first time in its near-fifteen year heritage.

For those of you unfamiliar with Picross, make sure you check out Paul Catlin's superb review of the DS version, and maybe even dabble in a spot of Wii Picross too.

If you're a hardcore Picross fan like many of us here, you'll probably be wondering how the series is going to work in 3D. Well, the answer is very simple - "brilliantly". The grid is now replaced by cubes which you have to chip away to reveal the 3D object, and this is done as usual by following numbered references of how many consecutive squares you should colour in. This official video advert from Japan explains the concept a little more easily, although you do have to put up with a shrieky-voiced lady shouting "sugoi!" all the time.

Rittai Picross was just released in Japan but there's no news on whether it will ever hit Western shores, although it seems a natural fit for the DSi and its much-touted DSiWare download service. Get crossing those fingers and toes now!

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