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Globulos Party Wins French Milthon Award

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Globulos Party voted best mobile platform game of the year.

GlobZ has just informed us that their upcoming DSiWare release Globulos Party has just won the "Mobile Platform Game of the Year" award at the Milthon French Awards show.

You can check out the press release below and we'll keep you updated on the progress of the game. We've also added a host of brand new screenshots showing the game in action that you can check out as well.

Globulos Party has been elected "the best mobile platform game of the year" by the Milthon French Awards jury who particularly appreciated playing the game in multiplayer.

The 2 other finalists of the "mobile platform" category (that included Sony PSP and Apple iPhone) were Nintendo DS™ retail/full priced titles that have respectively been awarded in the "best music" and "best scenario" categories.

Globulos Party will be released on the Nintendo DSiWare™ before the end of the year by the French, Paris located, indie game developer GlobZ. The game is based on the multi-awarded web multiplayer game.

Globulos Party will include 20 games: Arena, Football, Croquet, Tic-Tac, Darts, Funky Foot, Bomber, Rally, Volley, Sumo, Pinball, Pétanque, BomberKing, 4-Square, Snooker, Basket, DartsKing, Monster, Rugby and the Nintendo DSiWare™ version exclusive, Ice Hockey.

The games will be playable on 50 different playing fields overall. On each of them the player has to beat 3 different AI levels to finish the game (more than 12 hours without losing once!).

The game features also 3 multiplayer modes: the DS Download Play, the DS Wireless Play and even a "2 player hotseat" mode on the same Nintendo DSi™ system.

"We are very proud to have been chosen by the jury" said the GlobZ team. "We hope it will increase the visibility of the game, which is really key for a Nintendo DSiWare™ title."

"It is a delightful reward for a 3 year indie team effort. A total of 8 people have worked on the project, never more than 3 at a time!".

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WolfRamHeart said:

Well, congratulations to GlobZ. This game certainly looks interesting and there seems to be quite a good variety of games to play in it. Wow, it even has Ice Hockey! This is one game that I'll definitely be keeping an eye on.



PhillaLoup said:

neat.... this game looks pretty cool ... it got a soccer minigame... it MUST be great



DK_vs_KK said:

Sounds like this could give Flipnote Studio a run for its money! I've got to give this a try when it comes out in North America.



Token_Girl said:

Neat! I'm impressed how they have wifi & download play, but I like that they have hotseat multiplayer too, since i don't know anyone with a ds.



Grumble said:

Awesome... so when is this coming to dsiware?
If they won an award for this game, it must be great!


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