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Deca Sports 2 Teaser Trailer 3

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Hudson releases final teaser trailer for their upcoming Wii sports package.

You might remember the game as Sports Island 2, which was released in Europe back in May. Well Hudson is getting set to release the game in North America under the name Deca Sports 2.

Hudson has just released the third and final teaser trailer for the game that you can check below along with a snippet of information setting up the clip.

Coming this fall from Hudson Entertainment, DECA SPORTS 2 is the only sports compilation title on Nintendo Wii to offer online multiplayer. Players can face off against friends and family in 2-4 player competition in “Open Match”, “VS.”, “Tournament” or “Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection” multiplayer modes. DECA SPORTS 2 also features single player modes including “Open Match” in one sport, a one-sport bracket-style “Tournament,” “Challenge” or the ultimate competition in the “League” vs. 4 teams in all 10 sports. As the sequel to the hit sports compilation game DECA SPORTS, DECA SPORTS 2 includes ten new sports: Ice Hockey, Dodge Ball, Tennis, Darts, Speed Skating, Mogul Skiing, Petanque, Kendo, Motorcycle Road Racing and even Synchronized Swimming!

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We'll keep you up-to-date on any new developments regarding Deca Sports 2 and you can check out our full review to find out what we thought of the game.


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Faces tough competition from Wii Sports Resort and Mario&Sonic Winter Olympics. Those games have my games budget so no thank you!

Very generic



Ren said:

ooh, online is appealing and there are also some odd different sports that seems sorta cool if there done even half right. A Kendo match could be really cool on Wii, I did Kendo for a while as a kid; basically swordfighting as precision sport for points.
whoops, just looked at the review and it kinda hurts, but then Online may really change things, and if they went so far as to add that, maybe they tweaked the controls a little; maybe the Review could use a footnote for the US version when it comes out here?



Supermarioman said:

Wait a sequel to a crappy, crappy game? Hudson you are full of crap these days. Mario Party, the same game 8 times and now all of your wierd Wii Sports rip-offs are gonna put your reputation on the line. Hudson go back to the days of the TurboGraphX-16!



ICEknight said:

Sheesh, this game hasn't been released over NA yet? Everybody else and the people who import games have already played it and probably gotten tired of it.

Why the huge delay, anyway? They only had to change the title screen, didn't they?

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