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Among the new sports on offer in Sports Island 2 (Deca Sports 2 in the US) are Mogul Skiing, Tennis, Speed Skating, Dodgeball, Petanque, Ice Hockey, Darts, Synchronized Swimming, Road Racing and Kendo, and can either be played as solo events, or within a highly-competitive League System which is new to the series.

Sports Island 2 also allows users to create an in-game avatar for use within the game and play alongside friends or CPU-controlled colleagues. Once the avatars are created, they can be used within the game's Open mode where up to four people can compete in variations of CPU and human users, while a Tournament option lets four human and four CPU players battle it out in an ongoing competition.

As with its predecessor, Sports Island 2 places the emphasis on fun and competition, with each event demanding skill and timing from the player. The subtle control systems allow for the skill of events such as Petanque and the pace and skill of Ice Hockey to be faithfully recreated, and ensure that the well-chosen events offer a wide range of sporting challenges.

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Posted by Anthony Dickens

Go on, be a sport!

Following quickly after Hudson's Job Island is the sequel to last year’s Deca Sports imaginatively titled Deca Sports 2 (Sports Island 2 in Europe). The follow up is instantly recognisable and extremely similar to the original game with the same visual...

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Here is the official and final teaser trailer for Hudson's upcoming US release of Deca Sports 2.

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