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The Legendary Starfy TV Commercial

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out Starfy's brand new TV commercial.

The guys at Nintendo were kind enough to send us over the brand new commercial for their Legendary Starfy DS game that hits store shelves on June 8th. While there's not any actual Legendary Starfy footage, the commercial is still worth a look.

Don't forget to check out the interview with Nintendo/TOSE about the game, as well as our Starfy 101 feature that gives you a little history on the amazing platformer series.
We'll have more information on The Legendary Starfy as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it's released.

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Kittsy said:

That is so many levels of awesome, it's a shame I played the Japanese version. Damn you, Nintendo! I did the same with Tengoku Goooold...



Corbs said:

It's funny, because I heard back when this game was released in Japan that there was a good chance this one would show up in the US, so it was the only Starfy game I've actually not imported. So this one will be all new for me.



Cheezy said:

I saw the commercial. Let's hope the game fares better than the commercial did...



Objection said:

I saw the commerical and I was like "Is that for Starfy?" until the end because it almost didn't seem to be a game commercial. Cheers for advertising it, but next time show the actual game.



Cheesy said:

Wow, the commercial isn't that bad. At least it's better than that other crap Nintendo puts on our TV screens.

Anyways, def. getting this game! Looks fun, and the series was a huge hit in Japan, so why not?



Pastry said:

I'm gonna get this, but for some reason Starfy reminds me of Super Princess Peach. shudders



Stuffgamer1 said:

@pie4prez: I think it was the same development crew or something. Think I heard that somewhere...

As for the commercial, it kinda sucks. Then again, almost all American video game commercials suck. I've seen a huge comparison feature on GamesRadar, and the Japanese ones are almost always WAY better.

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