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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers trailers

Posted by Christopher Clark

Square-Enix makes up for lost time with eleven preview videos.

As reported previously, the official website for Square-Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers launched with a message reading "More Visits, More Movies!" True to form, the site was flooded with visits from the far reaches of the internet, and as such there are now not one but eleven trailers available, which we've linked to below.

It's Gonna Be a Long Night
Public Spectacle
Ahead of the Pack
Don't Touch That Dial
Delusions of Grandeur
Too Many Thrills
Bite The Hand That Feeds You
Guilty Pleasure
In the Nick of Time
Love Train
Hot Pursuit

You can find these clips as well as wallpaper images and other miscellanea at the official site.

First revealed way back in 2005, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is tentatively scheduled to be released by year's end. Keep an eye on NintendoLife for news, previews and updates on the status of The Crystal Bearers as it nears release.


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Shiryu said:

Im definetly enjoying the whole concept of the game. Will surely (literally!) pick it up.



Objection said:

Of the 4 or so that I've seen, all the vids show is AI critters interacting with other AI critters. I hope they get better because I am really excited for this game.



Sean_Aaron said:

This game does look a bit odd and a departure from the usual turn-based stuff. I'm definitely curious to see some previews of it.



odd69 said:

From watching the games trailers, it looks to be a gem. Mabey the crystal chronicle series will prove that its not just a spin off .Alot of people feel this way about the series. I have high hopes for this game also, i really think that it is going to be something special.



Kevin said:

At least its still gonna come out. I was being to wonder if we were ever gonna see this game get released.



Radixxs said:

These mini-trailers (if you can call them that) are so pathetic that it actually irritates me to the extent of anger. Any attempt at humor was totally missed. I won't be getting this game if I get extremely annoyed every time I look at it.



autam1 said:

This game is really short if you expect that this game is a long one bad luck for you guyz but the graphics is awesome ass beyond my imagination ... In the end Layle fight Jegran With his crystal skateboard .... . The gameplay is awesome but focusing on the pointing and shake control which is allright soooo overall I'll give 88% it a masterpiece but a really short game ..

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