You can help unlock more content!

Just like the site implies, the more visits the site has, the more content that is shown. In just two days since we reported on the Crystal Bearers' new webpage, even more content has been revealed - with more teasers to come!

If you head over to the Crystal Bearers site, you'll now see new gameplay footage under "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" and "Public Spectacle" along with the teaser headings of "Ahead of the Pack" and "Don't Touch That Dial."

It also appears that the site needs unique hits in order for new content to be unlocked, so refreshing every five seconds won't get the job done any quicker. Some folks tried to be clever and attempted to farm site hits, but Square Enix caught on quickly and left a little message with the harvesting site:

Thank you for your interest in our games, guys! Unfortunately, this is not the right way to unlock the site content. Visiting this address will only tell our detection system you have visited this address! In order to know more about FINAL FANTASY© CRYSTAL CHRONICLES©: The Crystal Bearers™, please bring NEW visitors to the crystal homepage.

If you have yet to visit the site, please go over and check it out to keep the new content coming quickly. Be sure to tell your friends to give it a look as well!