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Overkill Guns Down Chart Opposition

Posted by Shane Jury

Sega's Guns 'n Gore Swear-fest; House of The Dead Overkill, has blasted away all other On-Rails Wii Shooters in the UK Charts, by managing to stay on there the longest out of any of them.

Headstrong Games' Wii Exclusive shooter, which stars series-regular Agent G, and Detective Issac Washington, has been able to stay within the UK All-formats Top 30 chart for 5 consecutive weeks, and in the Top 5 Wii Chart for equally as long. For a comparison, here's how the compilation of the second two games in the same series did;

The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return - All Formats Top 30;

1st Week of Release = 15th
2nd Week = 14th
3rd Week = 22nd
4th Week = 30th
5th Week = not ranked

(Game has sold around 200,000 copies in the UK alone)

Overkill's progress is considerably more impressive;

All Formats

1st Week = 10th
2nd Week = 9th
3rd Week = 16th
4th Week = 24th
5th Week = 20th

Wii Chart

1st Week = 3rd
2nd Week = 3rd
3rd Week = 3rd
4th Week = 5th
5th Week = 4th

(No sales estimates are available thus far, but Overkill is expected to comfortably outsell its duo counterpart)

Such results should be very good news for Wii fans, as it has been stated before that other publishers would be looking at Overkill's reception before green-lighting Mature-rated projects on Nintendo's White Wonder.

Are you among the crowd (like Yours Truly) that picked up a copy of Headstong's stylish shooting extravaganza, and if so what do you think of it?


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Nanaki said:


This is what we need, sales for the adult genre!

Luigi's mansion II may well have flesh eating zombies now...



Dazza said:

I just caved in and bought Overkill today along with a Nyko perfect shot... I just hope it is as good as Ant's review says it is

Can bit a bit of guns, gore & swearing can ya?



Phoenixus said:

Got Overkill recently, and I'm lovin the cheezy Grindhouse feel it has. More please Headstrong.



Damo said:

That chart performance is amazing. Glad to see a Sega game selling well, for once!



Corbs said:

Not my kind of shooter so I guess I'll have to pass on this one.



Sean_Aaron said:

I bought it with a GAME giftcard and just traded it in yesterday and then picked up a used copy of Umbrella Chronicles (which I had purchased at release and foolishly sold on).

The core game is good, but the rest of the content was a big turn off for me. I expected some swearing and some jokes in bad taste, but I didn't find the humour, well, "funny" and the cut scenes are way too long. It all got a bit tiresome.

I'm glad to see it's found an audience and is doing well because I think there are too many people reading metacritic and online comments and forgetting that there's a lot of people who don't actually post comments online who also buy games.



calculon said:

I purchased it the day it released in the UK. I agree with Sean about any real lack of decent humor, the over-zealous use of swearing in place of decent humor and the rather long cut-scenes. I also found the difficulty to be rather inconsistent in places and the graphics are no-where near as polished as some publications would have you believe.

Generally the presentation of the game goes some way to approaching Grindhouse but it's ruined by the juvenile plot and the aforementioned excessive use of swearing in favor of real humor which is a shame because I enjoy that style of film (don't tell the wife) I lent the game to a friend a few weeks back before I'd finished it and to be honest, I'm not bothered about getting it back. I still prefer Umbrella Chronicles and I hope Darkside Chronicles will be more of the same.

I'm more inclined to see Overkill's sales as a product of people latching onto the idea that the Wii has a 'mature' game that hasn't been out-and-out beaten by the media or some over-protective governing body as opposed to being a great example of the genre which it honestly isn't. Certainly it's above average but only just and falls well short of the expectations I had of the game.

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