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Mega Man 9 Cover Song

Posted by Darren Calvert

Who amongst our readers have watched the Mega Man 9 trailer more than one time just to hear the funky 8-bit music again? Even though it’s just about thirty notes repeating over and over we can’t get enough of it here at WiiWare World.

The ever talented Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra have already done a cover song of this music in the style of ukulele and acapella. At the very least listening to this should cause you to break out into a wry smile.

You can download the MP3 here, but we know how lazy the Internet generation is so see below for Youtube goodness!

Do let us know your thoughts on this cover song below as always.

Source: Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra via Insert Credit

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Link79 said:

All right get down! Mega man in Da house. These guys are really groovin. Thanks alot. Now I want this game even more. Every day that I wait for this game is torture. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie.



Negative_Zero said:

Iv never cared about MegaMan in my life but now this music (and my obssesion for side-scrolers) is going to make me buy this.



Miniclash said:

Hey ! TUO speaking!
Glad you like our track !
Stil cannot believe you actually made a youtube movie out of it.

Thanks for the nice words, please check our website, we'll soon make new releases!!!



megacody said:

Great music, I can't wait until Megaman 9. It's been in the news eight times, I'm not surprised someone made a song out of it already.



Ricardo91 said:

I thought this would be some kind of joke, but that was a pretty groovy track. I might even download this to my ipod (once I get one that is). More please!



classicmike said:

This is a pretty cool song, I hope we get this game before September comes, or at least before 2009.



Loooca said:

Oh wow, that was awesome. I hope it doesn't get stuck in my head and — oops, too late.

Thanks for sharing! ;D



AtTheDriveIn92 said:

very serious, Zunes are amazing, and the zune pass is the most affordable way to download music legally and without hassle



DarkMatter said:

You know, despite being a cover of a brand new song to a game that hasn't even been released yet, something about it feels nostalgic.



neuzd said:

How to kill a very good tune.
Where's the rocking exhaltation?
Sorry, I just summoned the ghost of Sergei Prokoviev and he's confirming this version sucks so bad.
(And yes, I noticed it's just the end-level tune, don't waste your time telling me.)

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