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Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2007

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Japan's VC schedule for September 2007 features some more surprises, including the next Nintendo 64 game - Sin & Punishment! This excellent game was only released in Japan originally, maybe we will finally get a translation for VC?

Japan's schedule for September:

-Battle City (September 4th)
-Mach Rider (September 4th)
-Burn! Professional Baseball (Bases Loaded)
-Tower of Druaga

Super Famicom:
-Super Metroid
-Gradius III

Nintendo 64:
-Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Earth

Mega Drive:
-Golden Axe III (September 4th)
-Chelnov (Atomic Runner)
-Super Thunder Blade
-Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole

PC Engine:
-Legend Of Hero Tonma (September 4th)
-Override (September 4th)
-Detana!! TwinBee

Neo Geo:
-Fatal Fury (September 11th)
-World Heroes
-Magician Lord

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Mr.Shoe said:

When is the MSX coming out? They said on the Japanese website (a long while back) that it is coming out Spring 2007. Oh well. Any ways, that is great that the neo geo is coming! The great fighter and shout em' ups are finally coming to the VC!



Drake said:

MSX has apparently been shoved to fall! No clue what's going on there.



sfog said:

Burn! Professional Baseball was released in the US as Bases Loaded, FYI.



N64_Gamer said:

Sin and punishment...? Sin and punishment? Sin and punishment!? SIN AND PUNISHMENT!???!?!??!?!

NOW. Damn Nintendo! This better get released outside of Japan too. I will literally be running to my local game store and pick up a points card if this game ever gets released in Europe.



Atlantis1982 said:

Been waiting for Sin and Punishment to come to the Wii since the day they announced the VC.



sfog said:

Since all three are early Neo-Geo games, none of them are very big. Completely uncompressed, Magician Lord is about 5 MB, Fatal Fury is about 7 MB, and World Heroes is about 10. I suspect the Wii's emulator will compress those quite a bit, since even zip files cut those sizes in half. The only Neo games that were really huge were from around 1998 and onward.



Ian said:

SIN AND PUNISHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Yes please, seeing a lof of S&P videos on youtube, it look's like an awesome N64 game, I so wanted this back in the day, and now I want it more!

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