Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2007

Japan's VC schedule for September 2007 features some more surprises, including the next Nintendo 64 game - Sin & Punishment! This excellent game was only released in Japan originally, maybe we will finally get a translation for VC?

Japan's schedule for September:

-Battle City (September 4th)
-Mach Rider (September 4th)
-Burn! Professional Baseball (Bases Loaded)
-Tower of Druaga

Super Famicom:
-Super Metroid
-Gradius III

Nintendo 64:
-Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Earth

Mega Drive:
-Golden Axe III (September 4th)
-Chelnov (Atomic Runner)
-Super Thunder Blade
-Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole

PC Engine:
-Legend Of Hero Tonma (September 4th)
-Override (September 4th)
-Detana!! TwinBee

Neo Geo:
-Fatal Fury (September 11th)
-World Heroes
-Magician Lord