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Wii Could Outsell PS2

Posted by Sammy Barker

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata believes that within good time the Nintendo Wii could overtake Sony's Playstation 2 platform and become the best selling video games console of all time.

"Sony's PS2 sales of 100 million units is an extraordinary number that our home game console business has not achieved, But if we can make our bid to expand the gaming population a continued success, we could exceed that."

Since launch in 2000 the Playstation 2 has shipped approximately 120million units. As of May 2007 the Wii had sold 5.84 million.


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robwho2 said:

I think long-term it is possible, but to do so Nintendo are gonna have to start actually satisfying the demand there is.



Masterless said:

I see the wii as a system that everyone will eventually have in conjuction with another console, just like an internet enable PC - almost everyone has one. With that in mind it should beat the PS2 given time, aslong as Sony or MS don't bring out something similar but more impressive within a couple of years.



Damo said:

Nintendo are starting to meet demand, I've noticed lots of stores near me are advertising they have Wii consoles in stock. A more pressing concern for me is the lack of quality software - Nintendo need to get more games on the shelves, and help 3rd parties do the same.



ReInstall said:

Back in stock just in time for the inevitable christmas rush, where they'll all sell out again.

Software releases are always slow in summer, especially for a new console. I don't think that's anything to worry about just yet.

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