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Europe VC Releases - 11th May - Ninja Spirit and NES Golf

Posted by Darren Calvert

There are only 2 games this week for Euro-gamers. They don't seem like a natural couple, a 19th century ninja and a portly Italian plumber on his day off playing golf!

Try to look on the bright side, Irem's Ninja Spirit is a classic and well worth a look. NES Open Tournament Golf may also appeal if you want to enjoy a fun golf game with a mate.

You can check out the reviews here:

Ninja Spirit - TG-16 - 600 Points

NES Open Tournament Golf - NES - 500 Points


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eltomo said:

My Internet is so bad, I cant connect to the VC...

but who cares with games like these =)



Josey_Wales said:

Don't worry I am not going to start moaning here I am loving the VC on the Wii overall, but I just have to say I really wish Nintendo would start releasing some quality N64 titles, every Friday I look at what's released hoping there is something like DK64, Paper Mario, Zelda Majora's Mask etc. etc. and each week I am left a little disappointed when I see what's been released, oh well I will keep dreaming/hoping that some quality N64 releases are just around the corner. JB



DJ_Kelv said:

Terrible.Let's just admit it,this week is awful. Nintendo have so many good games they could be releasing but instead they insist on pacing themselves. They I work it out,even if you just name 50 great games they have (you could probably name 100) They could release one every second week for two years. If they don't hurry up,with both this and their main releases, the Wii may not last that long....



PokeParadox said:

It would nice if they would just go ZCHWOOM and release everything, and spoil us for choice! It's not going to happen of course since the classic games have to be reclassified (just because they are a different medium now). But I agree that there needs to be more N64 games released PilotWings64 please!



i think kelvin is wright
nintendo still thinks they can lean back and watch the show
and i think if they don't act soon they'll loose this "Console-War"



I know its frustrating but just be greatful they are doing it at all



PlayerOne said:

If they released everything in one go, then quality games would get overlooked. Everything needs a bit of time in the "shop window" of new releases. I expect there are already older games that are getting neglected, and why would Nintendo want to release their best games now when the customer base is still growing?

It does seem a particularly poor week this week, but then we did get four games last time.



DJ_Kelv said:

Playerone and Pokeparadox..I dont think any wants or expects them all in one go.I think the vast Majority only want a AAA title every fortnight or so.. at the minute its just about one a month..and they should be releasing killer titles to grow their user base, not hanging around waiting for it to happen. Think of all the great rpg's on the snes,super mariokart, the DK games, super metroid,super bomberman and thats just the snes games.



PowerLegend said:

Hey people. Do yourself a nice favor.


Every damn week, you just have to bitch don't you? 2 Awesome titles and you can't take it. You want your Super Mario RPG so damn bad go play it on an Emulator.

NES Open Tournament Golf is a VERY fun game that has a lot of sorts of putts you can pick, a training mode, a US, Japanese and UK course. You could also pick a story mode and go crazy.

NES Open Tournament Golf >>>>> Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

Ninja Spirit is a VERY, VERY fun platformer that can have you hooked like Super Mario World.

Stop bitching and judging games by what they look like and buy these titles.

BTW, if Nintendo released all the best games FIRST, the VC would do TERRIBLE, because there are tons and tons of classics that people would like to remember and bring back memories of them playing them when they were kids.



Jazzem said:

What a rubbish week! Pah!

(Sorry _>)

I'm deciding which one to get, funnily enough. I can afford both, but I think I'll save one until after my exams. I love Mario Golf games, particularly the handheld ones, but also like platformers!

I'm sort of leaning towards NES Open Golf though... Especially since I haven't got a sports game on the VC, and it'd add a bit of variety to my collection. Someone help me decide!



Bass_X0 said:

My only problem about this week is that its two games. Should be three minimum even if the third game is total crap and wouldn't be played by anyone. Heck, I'd rather have Donkey Kong Classics put up than no game at all (even if the two DK games are already on VC).

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