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US VC Releases - 16th April - Punch Out!!

Posted by Damien McFerran

rawling is the focus of this weeks games, with two of the titles available - Punch Out!! and Virtua Fighter 2 - revolving around the act of beating the seven shades of crap out of a fellow human being. How nice. The final game in the three is the sublime..

rawling is the focus of this weeks games, with two of the titles available - Punch Out!! and Virtua Fighter 2 - revolving around the act of beating the seven shades of crap out of a fellow human being. How nice. The final game in the three is the sublime Bonk's Revenge (AKA: PC Kid 2).

Punch Out!! and Bonk's Revenge are simply must-have games, but we recommend you avoid Virtua Fighter 2. You're better off buying a second hand Saturn and a copy of the game, both of which can probably be purchased for peanuts. The Megadrive/Genesis really isn't up to this kind of game, and although Sega should be commended for at least trying, the results are less than impressive.

Punch Out!! - Nintendo NES - 500 Points

Virtua Fighter 2 - Sega Genesis - 800 Points

Bonk's Revenge - Turbografx - 600 Points

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DEMON212 said:

Man does VF2 suck. VF5 is great, but I tryed playing 2 on the MD collection on the PS2 and I hated it.

Well looks like the U.S got what they wanted, maybe we'll get Lylat now. But if we don't, I reckon it could go the way as ALTTP and i'm not gonna complain every week for another 5 weeks after this Thursday.



Ben said:

Punch Out is an instant download, well worth 500 points. About time the US got it.



neuzd said:

Great Demon, so you'll be direct resbonsible of me leaving this site.

I really can't stand all of you fake adults.
I didn't cry this way when I was 9.
Good bye, I'll be a passive user by now.

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

DEMON212 i really wouldn't be surprised if starfox didn't hit the vc until the end of may,i might be wrong but we'll see.on the plus side at least there's a better chance of a perfect conversion.



Travis said:

Why on earth would you compare VF2 and VF5? That's like saying I played Metal Gear, But MGS 3 is way better.



Will said:

Haven't downloaded anything yet because I'm swamped trying to keep up with all the games I'm playing. Super Paper Mario, very cool, not what it appears at face value. Plus I'm juggling Metroid Prime Echoes and Marvel Alliance. Definately going to pick up Punch Out! and Pac-Man/Actraiser when they hit here. All I gotta say is patience for those still waiting on games released in other countries. It seems there is a formula to the releases. It does change but you can almost assume that games released in the UK will hit the states within a month or so. No need to get upset over why the game hasn't hit yet, just know that it eventually will but not the following weeks.
Its crazy to think that we're getting so antsy week to week when back in the day I used to play the same 3 games over and over on my NES as I only maybe got a game for myself, Christmas, and my birthday. Sometimes more isn't always better in order to appreciate titles, I've always believed that. As for VENOM I and most of us don't know what types of games you like so how are we supposed to point you in the right direction. There seems to be more variety than ever for a console that has been out for only 6 months. Plus consider the system was counted out from the beginning and virtually had no 3rd party support. The games will come in these things usually take a year on any console.



DEMON212 said:

Er, Neu, WTF?!

Where did I moan or whinge or cry in my responce there? How will I be directly responsible for anything especially you leaving a website, have I forced you at gunpoint to leave or something? And how do you know that i'm an adult. I could be 15 for all you know.

I said i'm NOT, N-O-T going to complain every week for 5 weeks. Because frankly i'm past caring. I live in EUR, i'm gonna get screwed repeatedly when it comes to gaming. The only thing that doesn't screw us is the XBL:A.



William said:

I suppose that games hasn't been great this week (in my opinion), so... guess I'll keep waiting until better games/releases will be out in the coming weeks/months. Ah well.



neuzd said:

@DEMON212: you don't need directly to moan or cry, what's annoying is that anyway you're talking of that game. So, there's no difference.

Is it possible to have a discussion about the games that get released instead of those that are NOT in this page? That's ridicolous....



Kevin said:

Hooray for Punch-out!! and Bonk 2! I can't wait to download these.



charlie said:

ohhh youve pissed me off now, not accepting my response when it was quite accpetable. I used to enjoy looking at your site but know youve gotten a bit cocky



DEMON212 said:

Well Neu, it'd be a lil dumb talking about the games that came out on Monday, since i'm in the U.K. And because we got 2 of them a while back, I spoke about them when they came out.

I mentioned Lylat because we may get it on Thursday. You don't know, I don't know. And if that's gonna be your atitude, maybe you should leave.

Damo, don't worry about it, I think it must be a full moon somewhere. Because all the nut jobs appear to be coming out all over the place.



DEMON212 said:

BTW Neu, I wasn't calling you a nut job. But recently i've been running into alot of them, which is why I made the comment.



Steve said:

@DEMON: I applaud you for stating that you won't be complaining every week until the game comes out. Not because we don't want to hear your opinion, but because it's becoming more and more common to just hear "Dang it where is XXXX?" every week instead of people talking about the games that are available or stating something positive for once.

The sad thing is that in your reply to neu you did exactly what you said you wouldn't. =P You may not be a child, but having an attitude of "I'm in the UK so I'm always gonna get screwed" is making you look like one, honestly. You guys got DKC well before the US, you guys STILL have Zelda 2 while we sit and wait patiently for it. And who exactly is screwing you? Is it Nintendo's fault that the rating process is taking longer for you guys, or that they're having issues getting the conversion perfect for your country?

Why can't people just relax and have some patience? The games will come in due time, and I encourage you to stick to your promise and please don't chime in every week complaining that this or that game hasn't been added to the ever-growing list of great titles.




DEMON212 said:

But Steve, that wasn't a complaint. It's life. U.K always has to wait and always will. I no longer complain because there's no point to it. It's just life for us. So i wasn't complaining, I was just sayin is all.

Also, waitin 2 months for DKC would've been more than fine with me, Zelda 2 too and Castlevania NES. Because i've owned them once before.



Willdabeast said:

I feel like you are getting a bum rap. You are expressing your opinions and people are being too sensitive in terms of what type of talk they will tolerate on this board. If you wanna complain then by all means and if you don't want to read a post where someone is complaining then skip it. This is the internet, the one place where you can voice your thoughts without fear of censorship or reprisal (other than the comments of other people).

I hear ya on that Virtual Fighter joint, I won't be buying it...Punchout on the other hand is an excellent value at 500 points. Nintendo is never going to satisfy everyone each Monday. It almost seems like with each true classic they release there is at least 2-4 less acclaimed games released in the same and following week.

I am with my boy Will though, I have not finished Scarface or Super Paper Mario or Resident Evil 4. Not to mention Gears on XBOX. Who has the time when working a 40 or 50 hour week? Nonetheless I think everyone should keep speaking their mind even if turned off by other people's posts.



DEMON212 said:

And I thought my logic was twisted. Bad and Good are opinionated Champ, nothing else. And it's on the front page because it's popular.

But genuanly bad games or films can be popular too. Look at that B-Movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space. That's got a cult following.

Anyway, NEO GEO NEWS!!!!

First news on the NG.



DEMON212 said:

=I feel like you are getting a bum rap.

Don't worry about it Wilda, I seem to get this attitude towards me everywhere I go. I've unfortunately learnt something, the internet is SERIOUS business and there's just no room for opinions

BTW, you mentioned GOW, you got Live? I don't play much online myself because there's no games out anymore that I enjoy online (most games I either get dissconnected repeatedly by my router, or killed again and again by someguy on MY team). But my tag is DEMON212 if you wanna add me



Willdabeast said:


I will add you tonight. I stopped paying for Live but plan on re-upping again soon now that I have a job again. I also play NCAA march madness, I don't know how popular that is on your side of the pond. My xbox live tag is Willdabeast420. Keep stirring the pot!

__UKMF Diablo


UKMF Diablo said:

can i add you demon212?!
I promise i wont kill you if im on your team (much )

lol, only joking!



DEMON212 said:

Go for it bud, but I only have F.E.A.R and GRAW 1+2 at the moment. And even then i've never played the online of either. Oh, I also have 29 Arcade games so there's them too

I'm kinda addicted to old games and small games. Hence my library of 46 VC games, 29 Arcade and 4 Playstation Store titles.

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