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Neo Geo Coming To Virtual Console!

Posted by Anthony Dickens

SNK have confirmed that Neo Geo games will be appearing on a Wii Virtual Console near you this summer.

In a recent interview with IGN, Ben Herman, president of SNK Playmore USA has confirmed a bunch of details regarding Virtual Console support for their classic Neo Geo games.

"IGN: Getting into more on the virtual console - since that's the good stuff - what are SNK's overall goals for Wii VC support? Do you have a set amount or type of games you want to release a quarter, or how are you breaking down support?

Herman: It's not about us wanting to put everything out there at once, of course. The way it will work between what Nintendo will allow and what we want to do ourselves is that we're planning for a limited number of games each month over the course of a year. We don't want it to be sporadic with one game here, and two or three over the next few months. We really want to have a flow where there are a couple of games available each month, and we'll keep adding to the library that way."

He goes on to confirm that we should expect to see the launch of the service this summer, head on over to for the full interview.


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Nanaki said:


Hopefully this will mean more formats coming to the system soon. I wish Nintendo would get Gameboy games onto the VC as well- that would be rather awesome.



Masterless said:

On the other hand it means that we will have to wait even longer to get the full catalogue of NES/SNES/N64 at our grubby little fingers. Just look how slowly it is going atm, especially for the N64.



antdickens said:

These should be additional releases to the Nintendo ones (like Sega) I assume.

It'd be great to get some Saturn games on there but the downloads would be huge!

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