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Opera Browser for Wii - Full version in April

Posted by Darren Calvert

After enjoying the beta version of the Wii Opera browser for viewing youtube and other such sites from the comfort of our sofas it comes with great joy to hear that in April Nintendo will be giving us the all singing, all dancing version for free. From Nintendo's press release:

"Since late December, Wii owners have been able to download a trial version of the Opera Internet browser. After receiving substantial and helpful feedback from consumers, friends and family members, Nintendo developers have made a number of improvements to the final version of the browser, including:

  • improved zooming and scrolling
  • an improved zoomed font
  • shortened startup times
  • quicker access to "favorites"
  • an ability to hide the toolbar
  • buttons that will instantly type common preset letters, such as "www" or ".com"

More details about these and other functions will be announced in the near future. To ensure that the browser incorporates all of these enhancements, the final version will be available for download in April, a few weeks later than previously announced. The browser will remain free for Wii owners to download through the end of June. After June, users who haven't already downloaded the Opera browser can go to the Wii Shop Channel to download it for 500 Wii Points."

I'll be downloading this baby as soon as it comes out. Make sure you do it before June or you'll have to pay the price of an NES game.

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neuzd said:

This looks like the the place I was looking for to have some questions answered..everything is about Wii+Opera beta.

First of all, I did visit youtube just once but movies did not load, it showed the first few seconds of the movie and then also the "load bar" stopped. Anyone having problems on youtube? I think it was a momentary problem (since the movie was playing for some seconds), but I never tried again.

Second question is about this wonderful site! Again I just visited once, but comments were not visible and that's a very important part of the site. So, are users' thoughts displayed and the site totally enjoyable from my beloved Zebes (that's the nick of my wii)?




Dazza said:

Youtube has moments of not working with Wii opera. I think it's something to do with versions of Flash they use. It has worked fine for me lately however. I think they finally recognise the Wii browser client and cater for it properly.

As of this week due to popular request the comments have been added to the VC Reviews site so you can read them from your Wii. We don't allow posting of comments because people would type 3 words and get bored doing it with the Wiimote!

Hope that helps. Log on with Zebes tonight and have a look!



James said:

Any idea if the full version works with dailymotion? I tried it when it the beta first released and the videos didn't play very well, is it different now, or will it be updated to work properly with streaming video?

__2nd post


2nd post said:

hm? Well I havn't used the beta version too much. I hope they increase the zoom so i can have a full/full screen, when I watching stuff on youtube in full screen. Cuz right now; if i zoom in all the way, I can't see the whole screen. If I don't zoom in at all it's not a full screen and the toolbar in the way. If i can actually watch stuff like that on youtube.. w00t w00t!



Blottie said:

Hopefully it will also be able to play multiple formats, rather than just Flash video. I know that it likely won't, but I can dream, dammit.



William said:

I've got a question regarding the Wii Browser. Is there a subscription cost for using the Wii browser (whether trial or final) using Wii points? For example, like the Internet at home, people have to pay some money per month as per ISP subscriber. Is it similar to this when using it at home (I have dial-up modem, so DSL is NOT an issue here)? It's a nice thing to have, but again, I guess it has to have constant connection when using the Wii broswer; am I correct? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!



neuzd said:

I'm not sure I understood the question, but you don't have to pay anything (money or wii points) to use the Internet Channel on your Wii.

It is supposed that a Wii is placed inside a house, so it should use the same Internet conncection of other devices you already have.
You are already paying you ISP (if not, well, tell me how you do it!), and you are allowed to use anything that has online capabilities.

If you have a dial-up connection it's very difficult that you may use the Nintendo WiFI connection properly, but nowadays almost every service on the Internet needs client to have a fast connection speed, so you should think to upgrade.

Also a constant connection is NOT a must. If you have one, your Wii can receive updates when you're out, or when you're asleep. But it is not really important. I have a always-on connection, but I don't like my Wii to do things alone, so I don't use it purposedly. It's on the Internet just when I am watching.

Hope it's the right answer. Your question was a bit confused.



William said:

Ok. What I am trying to say is this: For example, suppose you have Internet access using a connection method (dial-up or DSL/cable modem) at home, ok? (Say your home is point A.) You're also subscribed to your ISP server in location, which is point B. (You're billed monthly for dial-up from whichever ISP server you're subcribed to, such as Windows Vista or Windows XP).

From Point A to Point B, you're on dial-up. Now, for the Wii browser, do I have to do the "same" thing? Is there a subscription cost for this (Wii browser from the same ISP server company IFF you're at home)?

Reply back if you're still confused. Thanks.

P.S. I know that I don't have to pay the (beta or final) version of Wii browser using any Wii points before May or June (USA); aftewards, 500 Wii points shall be used.



neuzd said:

It sounds that you don't know exactly how it works.
But I think my answer was right, so you should have put more attention to it.

As long as you have a computer which can connect to the Internet from your house, you can do the same with your wii. You don't have to pay anything more. Because you're already paying
The way you connect your wii to the web may change.

And talking of dial-up, again, you are wrong about it. Dial-up is a method of accessing the internet via phone-cables. So, if you're on DSL you have NOT dial-up access (and that's a good thing).
If you have dial-up access (that means 56kb) forget using you Wii on the web.

Also, you're talking of Operating Systems which are something you don't have to care DO NOT know what kind of servers your ISP is using. ISPs are mostly Telephone Companies. For example, you should say: "I have a 4Mb DSL connection with Cingular".

You talk in a strange way....
Have you ever tried to connect your Wii to the Nintendo WiFi Connection? (there's no need of a browser to "be online", just to surf the WWW).



William said:

Hi. Nevermind what I said that confuses you. I'm using the dorm's DSL cable thingy, and I've bought myself a Wii LAN adapter for it, so I'm set for using it for Wii updates and stuff. Ah.. what's the use? Guess I'm pointless anyway. :/ *sigh*



neuzd said:

Worry no more, then.

If there was something that we had to pay, it could have been the Nintendo WiFi Connection, but it's a free service.




William said:

I think I might be getting DSL at home, so I may not have to worry about this anymore.

By the way.. is it really worth downloading the Wii browser? What are the advantages and disadvantages when using the Wii browser? Wished I knew when the "exact" date would be released for the (US) version. I think I've seen some bugs that other people has noticed, but maybe I missed something out.



neuzd said:

Why not trying downloading it? If you don't like it you can erase it from the Wii.
It's free, you don't have to ask this question: find out yourself if it's worth the download.

Anyway if you're like me that has the Wii next to a computer, you may prefer browsing the web on a more friendly environment. Even if they put a lot of new features in the final version, I doubt it may become more useful than a computer browser driven by a mouse.

I hope not to offend you, but all your messages are even more strange. It looks that you aren't perfectly aware of what a browser is for...



William said:

Well, actually, I do know what a browser is for and what use they are on the computer, but... I may talk somewhat strange, but that doesn't stop me from asking anyone questions, huh? Regardless of my messages being strange or not, what can I do about them? I'm no rocket scientist, either. I feel a little offended, but at least, there's no harm done anyway.



neuzd said:

Don't get me wrong.
I'm the only one who kept answering your questions and tried to help you clear your doubts.

I know my words don't sound always nice and kind but I'm coming back to this page everyday to see if you're satisfied with my infos.

About what I was finding "strange": You ask if it's worth the download and then say you noticed some bugs.
Kinda puzzling. How did you get the ability to test a software without downloading it?
If you were talking of hte final version. Well: no one kows, it's still unreleased.
Talking of "advantages & disadvantages"...there are no real advantages or disadvantages; if you were talking of differences with a computer-based browser, the biggest issue is the lack of a keyboard on the Wii and so typing is someway slow. Other "problems" are listed as "improved features" on the top of this page, so we can hope our surfing will be more enjoyable.

So, I'm not being rude, I like to pay attention to things and if there's something I didn't get about someone who I'd like to help, I put an accent on it, so I can undestand, too.

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