Europe VC Releases - 9th March

After double-jumping on the US Virtual Console store on Monday, Sir Arthur has made his way to the Euro VC too. It's unlikely that the other two titles offered will distract you from what ranks as one of the finest 2D platformers in existence. Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts is a game that deserves to be spoken of in hushed, revered tones. Some might argue that the same should be said of Galaga, but let's be perfectly honest here - the game is older than most Wii owners and it shows. Sure, it's a classic. It's influential. Hell, it's even fun for a few minutes. But Galaga is the kind of game that Namco should be giving away as a freebie with other titles. It's not really worth 500 of your valuable Wii points, especially when you only need to add 300 more to that figure to download the sublime Super G'n'G.

PC Engine bore-a-thon Double Dungeons - the remaining title in the trio - is the quite frankly not even worth talking about. Suffice to say, you shouldn't go anywhere near it.