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Europe VC Releases - 9th March

Posted by Damien McFerran

After double-jumping on the US Virtual Console store on Monday, Sir Arthur has made his way to the Euro VC too. It's unlikely that the other two titles offered will distract you from what ranks as one of the finest 2D platformers in existence. Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts is a game that deserves to be spoken of in hushed, revered tones. Some might argue that the same should be said of Galaga, but let's be perfectly honest here - the game is older than most Wii owners and it shows. Sure, it's a classic. It's influential. Hell, it's even fun for a few minutes. But Galaga is the kind of game that Namco should be giving away as a freebie with other titles. It's not really worth 500 of your valuable Wii points, especially when you only need to add 300 more to that figure to download the sublime Super G'n'G.

PC Engine bore-a-thon Double Dungeons - the remaining title in the trio - is the quite frankly not even worth talking about. Suffice to say, you shouldn't go anywhere near it.

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Dazza said:

No comments about Zelda LttP not being out this week please!

I'll say it for you! Pull your finger out Nintendo!



DEMON212 said:

What an awful list.

Super can be great some days and not so great others.

Imense fun with a great difficulty but when something that wasn't your fault happens, you despise it.



Dazza said:

Super GnG not enough for you? You are hard to please my friend!



Coop said:

I know you said no comments, but seriously though; no LTTP? This is getting f@#! ridiculous.



Starwolf_UK said:

On the flipside Double Dungeons cannot come out again for Europe now that its already out.

As of this week Europe has 4 games America doesn't and America has 4 games Europe doesn't.



Flash said:

I have to agree partially with DEMON212's comments. Not the best week in terms of releases for me. Of course Super GnG is well received but the other two titles can hardly be described as gaming classics. Good, solid releases is what we want on a weekly basis, not the odd good title and the rest padded drivel. Saying that, it would work out very costly if they released 'must have' titles on a weekly basis!



Steve said:

To all you UK'ers out there: We're holding LttP for ransom until you give us Excitebike and Adventure of Link.



Bass_X0 said:

Thats what I think when a bad game comes out on V.C., Starwolf - that it can't be released again. With every bad game thats released, the future looks brighter. But then Nintendo continue to thwart my positive outlook.



Mega_X_Gundam said:

forget LttP what about Super Mario RPG!! I can live with out LttP cus I still have it on SNES and it works but I need SM RPG!!!!



Coop said:

Seriously, I'd be happy with no LttP if they only gave me Battle of Olympus.



DEMON212 said:

Well Dazza, GnG is good, but it's not as great as the hype it recieves leads out to believe.

And Steve, deal, deal deal deal and deal again. Take em.

I want ZAMN more than anything else (that has a chance of a VC release. PD 64 is what I really want, but not gonna happen).



Indecipherable said:

I'm actually really stoked about Galaga, or at least I would be if it wasn't for it being released on the XBOX live arcade several months ago. I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw it said "Double D.." and then calmed down to have my hopes crushed when I read "Dungeons" and not Dragons.
Maybe they'll read this and release double dragons for the US release. "Indecipherable says he'll buy double dragons, lets add it to VC." It would be a fantastic week if they would release DD1&2,Punchout and starfox 4 games, 2 consoles, c'mon nintendo I'll spend my 2500 points on that noise.



a9_shatter said:

Re: George - 09 Mar 2007, 18:49 GMT

forget LttP what about Super Mario RPG!! I can live with out LttP cus I still have it on SNES and it works but I need SM RPG!!!!

Is it likely that Super Mario RPG will ever get released over here?
I wasn't expecting anything to come out in a region that hadn't already been released in the past.

Has that already been done by one of the games released?
If some, should we only expect games that got translated into english (ie for the US), so still not to expect Seiken Densetsu 3?

whew, was that alot of questions?



DEMON212 said:

Yeah, when I posted up on the forums I goto, that Double Dungeons was out, by from the sounds and looks of things, it's total pap. Someone had a right go at me because he thought it was Double Dragon.

He hasn't replied back to me yet }



Hendo said:

You guys would be pissed if all the good games came out first, and then you had all the poopy games. I believe they're trying to put out as complete a library as possible - that means good, bad and average.

Personally, I'm really happy with the way the games are released and we get some great gems! I've got 13 games now! That's 11,000 points all spent.



Numbnut said:

Meh, you still can't even buy a Wii in the shop yet, lol. PS3 out soon too; Nintendo mucked it up again.

Btw LttP so sucks ass after the 1000th time of completing it. Anyone who owned a SNES had it and did exactly that :/



Bass_X0 said:

I'd think that not being able to buy a Wii in shops yet is evident that every shipment the shops get gets sold out instantly - proving there's still high demand for the console.



DEMON212 said:

Actually Hendo I wouldn't be. I want the 200+ VC games that I want to all come on tomorrow, i'd be uber happy.

I don't want to wait to play an old game.

And don't say that then i'd complain that nothing good comes out for it, because i'd be to busy playing all my favourites and discovering new favourites with the other VC games.



i8cookie said:

no lttp... no lttp... thats it i'k gonna kill myself...

actually maybe i'll do it next week. just got ghouls n ghosts, so gonna play that, awsome game. havent played it since some twat stole it from me when i was a kid.



loll.. Every Cry becose you dont have lttp.. am live in quebec and i have luck becose i have this.. dont cry.. lttp comming soon.



Harry said:

link 2 the past plz come out 2morrow if not please can someone tell me when it is out i think nintendo should give actuall relese dates for these games not just suprise ppl on fridays

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