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Europe VC releases - 23rd February - Ocarina of Time

Posted by Darren Calvert

The dark Lords of Nintendo Tower look favourably at the minions within the EU today as they grace them with one of the greatest games ever! (I don't mean Altered Beast you got that some time ago!) Yes that's right lowly peasants today you are invited to the realm of Sir Link of Zeldashire and play OCARINA OF TIME!

Here's the review:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

OK so some of you will already have this the Gamecube bonus disc or even the original N4 cart! Well we never said Nintendo weren't good at making you pay for the same thing several times! Just buy it OK?!

If that doesn't fill up your gaming time for the next week you can assume the role of Pitt, a warrior of Angel Land in a classic NES romp through ancient Greek lands:

Kid Icarus (NES)

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Koopa said:

oh man, i wanted link to the past and streets of rage! i have ocarina on 2 discs for the gamecube! oh well, just another week to wait i guess....sigh



Bitronix said:

Zelda!! This game is so amazing! Definatly up there as one of the greatest of all time. Be Interesting to see how it plays on the virtual console! Also.. Kid Icarus! What a hard but pleasing and refreshing game!



Jake said:

I'm gonna have to have few days off work to play through Zelda AGAIN! I can't wait, this game is a joy to play.



ramuk69 said:

Cool, Shame I have to go to work 9-5 but I'll download it when I get home. All we need now is Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

__Thomas Jordan


Thomas Jordan said:

It's definately a excellent game no doubt, and it will sell well. However for me the virtual console is more about trying the gaming gems I missed as a kid (mainly because I just couldn't afford them), I doubt many people missed this game. Don't get me wrong I'll get this but I'm more excited in trying games I didn't complete years ago.



SAM said:

I own OoT in 3 versions allready so I'm not terribly excited. I also have Kid Icarus for NES. Both are excellent games though so if you didn't get a chance to play them I can definitely recommend both.



Army said:

I agree with Thomas - I wanna play all the games that I couldn't get as a kid, I have Ocarina of Time on GameCube. It would have been nice if Super Metroid hurried up and came out.

__Carl George


Carl George said:

I have never played this game before because I never owned an N64 / gamecube. And after playing Twilight Princess (and loving it) I am really looking forward to spending sometime this weekend playing this.
Virtual Console is not just for really old games that under twenties haven't played.

__Daniel Ferry


Daniel Ferry said:

Hey Guys! Ocarina of Time is easily the greastest game ever, Twlight princess was a close 2nd, I want to know when streets of rage and Link to the past is realease, every week that goes by and they dont show I want to cry! Come on Nintendo please!



CerberusAzdin said:

Its cool and all, but I cant wait for Link to the Past. Square Enix if you are reading this, please, please, PLEASE release AT LEAST Secret of Mana!

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