Europe VC releases - 23rd February - Ocarina of Time

The dark Lords of Nintendo Tower look favourably at the minions within the EU today as they grace them with one of the greatest games ever! (I don't mean Altered Beast you got that some time ago!) Yes that's right lowly peasants today you are invited to the realm of Sir Link of Zeldashire and play OCARINA OF TIME!

Here's the review:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

OK so some of you will already have this the Gamecube bonus disc or even the original N4 cart! Well we never said Nintendo weren't good at making you pay for the same thing several times! Just buy it OK?!

If that doesn't fill up your gaming time for the next week you can assume the role of Pitt, a warrior of Angel Land in a classic NES romp through ancient Greek lands:

Kid Icarus (NES)