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My First Day Of Wii

Posted by Anthony Dickens

It's finally here, the Wii has arrived in the UK and its time to play.

The sun rose over a cold and bitter English morning, it was like any other normal day, except today the Wii would finally be in my hands.

7.00am - I wake to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, usually it gets a beating but today I was nice, it was time to get up (unusually early for me) as I had an appointment in Leicester at 9.15am, an appointment that might make me miss the Wii delivery. I navigate over to and check the status of my package, good news those three magic words, "Out For Delivery".

7.50am - I have to leave the house, the FedEx man still hasn't arrived.

9.00am - I reach the appointment check on my phone, its still out for delivery, no missed attempts. I rush through the appointment and scurry back home asap.

10.30am - Home, but no delivery in sight, my neighbour notices I'm home and comes over, "I have your package" he says. Music to my ears as I rush over to collect it, the box is rushed straight upstairs and the unpacking begins. The box seems small, but weighs more than I expected. Opening the box reveals two trays, everything is neatly packaged and wrapped in plastic or padding.

10.40am - Setup. The first test, will my step down transformer work? With the power cable connected, a small red standby light appears, we are go. Hooking up the AV cable and sensor bar are a breeze, the sensor bar is barely noticeable aloft the Plasma screen. Remote in hand, I turn the console on for the first time. Disaster, the picture is in black & white, surely this screen can handle NTSC? With a quick manual check I realise it has to be set manually, problem solved as the screen turns into full colour. Waving the Wiimote allows you to setup the console, setting a date, time, screen ratio and a few other little things. One thing that really stands out, the controllers are REALLY small, smaller than I expected. Check out the comparison to a Xbox or Gamecube controller.

10.45am - Wii Sports, with an extremely simple menu its quick and easy to get started, I bash through a few games of Tennis, its hilarious and great fun. You find it easy to get into a long rally from the off, hitting forehands and backhands as if you were playing the real thing. Obviously the accuracy of real tennis isn't here, but you do need to time your shots correctly.

11.00am - Wii Sports Bowling, another title that's great fun straight from the start. Its very simple and easy to get started, you'll find yourself hitting spares within your first round.

11.30am - I really have to get to work It's clear to see that Wii sports is a great introduction to what Wii is all about, the motion sensing on these games is simple, but effective. I look forward to playing more when I get home after work.

6.00pm - Home from work and I've just given Red Steel a good 30-40 minute blast, my first impressions are mixed, the presentation of the game is pretty bad, the menus are awkward and the loading screens even have a little spinning disc ala PSOne. Into the actual game and the graphics aren't too hot, maybe that 480p mode will improve things, the controls are alittle "tricky". There's quite alot of different movement to be aware of, but coming to the end of the session I'm starting to get the hang of it. It's okay so far and should hopefully become more enjoyable as I continue to learn the controls.

7.00pm - Need to head out again, damn you cruel world, can't you just let me play on the Wii some more?

10.00pm - You can instantly tell that Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz is a much more polished game than Red Steel, everything about the menu system is great and easy to use, its everything you'd expect from a Monkey Ball title. You can imagine the reaction of the Sega developers, this is a dream game for the Wiimote. After only completing the first world of single player mode, I can tell I'll be spending MANY more hours on this game over the next couple of months. Great work Sega.

11.00pm - Zelda, you probably already know I've save the best till last. Okay the graphics aren't HD, but it looks better than any Gamecube game. It's exactly what you'd come to expect from a Zelda game, you'll feel right at home if your played OOT or any previous Zelda game. The first 45 minutes leave me with the impression that this could truly be a classic, really, you can believe the hype. I know people don't want spoilers, so I'll leave it there for now

11.30pm - We've heard lots of reports of Wii consoles having fatal errors when they get updated via the WiiConnect24 service. I know alot of you have asked if this will work in the UK, so I've put it to the test. Configuring the Internet Connection was a breeze, the system located my Belkin 54G Wireless router, and instantly started to download the updates... after about a minute of downloading the update was complete, reboot and we're back to the main menu. Wii Shop is now live, and Virtual Console games are available for purchase. Your given the option buy "Wii Points" directly from a credit card, excellent.

11.45pm - Freeloader, it's getting late so I gave this a quick try... I loaded the freeloader disc, and proceeded to eject and enter a PAL Gamecube disc, Super Mario Sunshine. Now, the sound worked but my TV went black, no picture. This isn't to say that Freeloader doesn't work and could just be my TV, I'll investigate further tomorrow with PAL, JAP and USA Gamecube titles.

11.55pm - Photo Channel. Had a quick go at this, its pretty cool. By the looks of it, if your mobile phone has Bluetooth, the Wii can automatically view the photos on the TV, interesting!

12.00am - Video Stream. The boys in the irc channel (#gameswire on wanted in on the action, I hooked up a direct feed into the PC and streamed them some Wii Sports action, seemed to work pretty well. Shame I don't have the bandwidth to feed a stream out to everyone

Well, its come to the end of the first day of Wii. Hopefully I'll get more time over the next few days to play the console and all of the games. Please feel free to keep asking me questions, I'm more than happy to help Goodnight all.

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RED said:

great first impressions one question i have to ask is how good is that now infamous Wiimote strap...?! roll on December 8th :S



antdickens said:

The Wii strap is okay, there are two bands that allow you to tighten it, but the little cord that connects the Wiimote to the strap is insanely small and thin, can't see it lasting long. I hope I don't smash my TV



dannybuoy said:

You lucky git! I can only look on and dream. It's good to see that Nintendo have included a semi decent brand of batteries (Maxell) rather than the unheard of brands that most consumer electronics dish out... I bet they run out fast though.. crack out the duracells asap! As for the remote strap, I imagine that there will be lots of 3rd party straps out soon that will combat the problem. I'm amazed that people are letting them go out of their hands... are they complete imbeciles!?



antdickens said:

Yeah, it can't be that hard to hang on to the Wiimote... although, now i've said that I can see one flying into the screen



The_Stig said:

Damn you lucky bastard!!

What size are the CD's I know the Wii takes both but from the games you got, do they use the smaller CD or the normal size?



antdickens said:

Wii uses standard DVDs for Wii games, and of course Mini-DVDs for Gamecube games.



Tumble said:

Anthony da man.. have u tested your internet connection to wii channels yett because that was the only thing stopping me (not being able to connect or not being able to download from the Wii channels) btw looks like you re having oodles of fun



Tumble said:

oww and if you do have a freeloader could you test it with it. because if the freeloader works it could convert me to getting a pal wii after all... questions questions questions lol



antdickens said:

Tumble, I've just updated the post. I've managed to connect perfectly to my wifi connection, the updates ran smoothly without a problem. Freeloader looks like it works, I'll do some more tests to be 100% sure and let you know here. I'll try buying a Virtual Console game in the morning



RED said:

just a thought regarding the strap issue... is it possible to use the original DS one?!?



antdickens said:

I think its possible to change the strap, its just like ones that come attached to digital cameras etc... My DS didn't actually come with one! I was robbed.



Nanaki said:

lucky git!

Mine still isint here

Btw, looks like you must have gotten your DS off a right dodgey geezer



RED said:

actually they stopped selling them with the straps due to the rather naff thumb stylus thingy (technical i know) lol



Tumble said:

Any luck getting the freeloader to work?
( i ll probably import a US console but want to have two options.. still a bit unsure because of the update brick that seems to have hit some consoles.

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