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United Kingdom

Thu 16th Nov 2006

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dannybuoy commented on Review: Mercury Meltdown Revolution:

Got this game at the weekend. A mate works for Atari so he got it for me for free... can't complain at that! All I can say is wow! This game is completely awesome. It's come just at the right time too! The drought was getting me a little worried. It's so solid and fun. There are times when you screw up a level for the 10th time, and you get a bit frustrated.. but it drives you to not mess up again. It's nothing to do with the game, it's all down to your own dexterity, or lack of. I would advise any wii owner to go out and buy this game. It is just pure fun in a box. You really won't regret it!



dannybuoy commented on Review: Medal of Honor: Vanguard:

I actually quite liked this game. I've never owned a WWII game before so I didn't find it too sterotypical... but I guess it was. There were some good bits, some great bits and some down right nasty bits.. the last level had me tearing my hair out for several night.. dam those snipers! Overall I found it fun to play and the controls felt solid. By the end of the game I was running around aiming with pin point accuracy.. shame the game ended! Really looking forward to Metriod for 'genre defining controls' on the wii... Anyway I'd say snap up this game if you can.



dannybuoy commented on Prime 3 To Launch In August:

yeah... UK... I bet we get it just in time for christmas.... I'm starting to get really bored of the drout now... I mean come on! Have you seen the games available in your local games shop?? There is nothing I consider buying... seriously.. I'm getting Korinporina and Mercury Revolution free from a mate who works at Atari (but that doesnt count...)... I need something meaty to get my teeth in to... I'm gettin married on August too... so time after that will be limited (more than it is already!). COME ON NINTENDO!!!



dannybuoy commented on Sony's Decapitated Goat Swindle:

I hate PR stunts that are so close to immoral... basically Sony are so desparate to sell PS3s they're willing to try extreme techniques... I can image the PR company sitting round their meeting table saying "Yeah i know it's really f*^ked up, and we'll get into trouble, but it will make mainstream press!" I do design work for 2 big PR companies and I know how they work... I guess bad PR is good PR nowadays..



dannybuoy commented on Wii Sports Replacements Almost Complete:

I love wii sports, especially tennis that brings so much joy to my life. This week for example, it was valentines day. I cooked my fiancee a perfect fillet steak, we drank fine champagne and talked with each other for hours. it was a proper romantic night. Anyway, I'm not digressing. We then retired to the sofa, where SHE suggested we play wii sports!! (now I know why I'm getting married to her!). We played tennis, then bowling, then I even got her to play a round of golf (although she wasnt very keen on it). Anyway, I'm rambling now, but what I'm trying to say is that Wii sports is the perfect casual game. You can pick it up, play for an hour and switch it off. I'm a bit worried by the anouncements of more in-depth bowling/baseball/boxing/tennis games. Don't get me wrong, there are many people who will be overjoyed with the prospect of taking part in a virtual career in bowling and having more to gain from the game and longevity, but I think some of the spontaneous nature will be lost. I'm beating myself up that I havent got time to finish Zelda, and these more indepth games will demand far too much of my time. In conclusion I'm looking for a game that isn't overly realistic (come on lets face it the wii's graphics aren't meant to represent real life like the PS3 and Xbox360). I need fun games, online play and pick up and play lastability. Virtual console is good but it doesn't interest my girlfriend/sister/parents/friends like wii sports does. Bring on the good stuff Nintendo and friends! (I am very excited about Resident Evil on the Wii though!



dannybuoy commented on You Say Elebits, I Say Eledees:

just read somewhere its because the word 'bit' in the UK can refer to a 'bit of stuff' a sexy woman, so it could be construde as a bit risqueé.... I mean come on! its not called elesluts!



dannybuoy commented on Free Opera Browser From Friday 22nd December:

Hmmm... I'm not sure if it's going to be worth the hassle without a keyboard. Last night I was trying to configure my Club Nintendo/Wii shop login and it was a right polava. It takes far too long to enter long URLs etc. Is there a USB keyboard in the works? There friggin should be!



dannybuoy commented on Nintendo NOT Recalling Wrist Straps:

I admit the cord is very thin, but for someone to break it would have to be some sort of idiot. I think that the little clear plastic clip on the nun chuck plug might be responsible for damaging the fibres of the cord when you snap it in and out..



dannybuoy commented on Record Breaker!:

I feel a back lash against high end graphics/PS3/etc is on the way. The amount of coverage I have seen for the Wii has been unprecidented. It's everywhere! News papers, mags all over the place. I really think it has captured the imagination of gamers everywhere and they don't give a hoot about the graphics. I think when the PS3 is released over here (UK) it will be seen as an exclusive platform for hardcore gamers, where as the Wii is seen as an inclusive platform that spans generations. I'm personally very excited about the future of Wii. I have been speaking to lots of PS2/PSP owners recently and they're all banging on about the Wii and how cool it looks and are taking a wait-and-see approach on the PS3.



dannybuoy commented on Wireless Sensor Bar For Wii:

Who is seriously going to by this thing? It is horrible.. its made up from bits you can buy in hardwear store.. I would never want to put this ugly white blob under the svelt lines of my samsung HD TV. Get serious, the Nintendo bar is tiny, it would be worth moving your entertainment system around just to avoid using this monster. I'd rather sit there with flash lights beaming at my face than look at this piece of kit. It looks like something that a very old cripple might use to adjust the angle of their electric bed. The cheeky ba***rds have even TM'd the name! GET REAL!



dannybuoy commented on My First Day Of Wii:

You lucky git! I can only look on and dream. It's good to see that Nintendo have included a semi decent brand of batteries (Maxell) rather than the unheard of brands that most consumer electronics dish out... I bet they run out fast though.. crack out the duracells asap! As for the remote strap, I imagine that there will be lots of 3rd party straps out soon that will combat the problem. I'm amazed that people are letting them go out of their hands... are they complete imbeciles!?



dannybuoy commented on The Virtual Console:

Also, I wonder how long it will be until ROMS of these games turn up on the web for people to download, stick on an SD card and bingo... not that I would do such a terrible thing...



dannybuoy commented on The Virtual Console:

I wonder if we're going to get the NES version of Track and Field? I loved the button tapping antics in that game. Javalin was hard as nails.



dannybuoy commented on Nintendo Originally Planned $100 Wii:

I wouldn't have minded paying £100 for a Wii and Zelda... but as you say, consumers are a cynical (read ignorant) lot and would probably see it as too cheap against the 360 or PS3. On another subject, got a free paper today (Metro in London) and almost every advert slot was a 360 advert... Come on nintendo! Get some ads out there! Althought adverts have started appearing on certain UK channels.. the ad just says 'What is Wii?' and shows the controller...