Nintendo have announced launch plans for most of the world, with the PAL territories to follow in the Nintendo Europe conference tomorrow.

  • Wii will launch in the US on the 19th of November and on the 2nd of December in Japan
  • Wii will cost $250 US in America (about £133)
  • In Japan the console will be priced at 25,000 Yen in Japan (about $213 US or £113)
  • In the US the Wii will be packaged with Wii Sports which includes Tennis, Baseball, Golf and newly announced Bowling and Boxing games. In Japan this will not be bundled and will be available for 4800 Yen ($40 US)
  • The Wii will come packaged with one controller with nunchuck attachment, a AC adaptor, the sensor bar, a a sensor bar stand, a console stand, an A/V cable and 2 batteries (for the controller)
  • In the US, Nintendo games for the Wii will cost $50 (£27). Third party publishers are free to set their own game prices.
  • In Japan an additional controller will cost 3800 Yen ($32 or £17), the nunchuck attachment and classic controller will each cost 1800 Yen ($15 or £8).
  • Nintendo plans to ship 4 million consoles before the end of the year worldwide! Compared with Sony's paltry 500,000 unit target, this is very good news!

More news as the press conferences finish later today

[via wii.ign.com, nintendo.co.jp]