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House Of The Dead 3: The Movie

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Game Films, don't you just love them? Yet another HotD movie is on the way according to a Mindfire's Mark A. Altman.

Wondering what happened to the first and second House of the Dead movies? Don't worry, your not missing much... the first movie was directed by the legendary Uwe Boll and the second, well, went straight to video.

House of the Dead 3 isn't a sequel to the previous movies, nor is it based on the 3rd game in the famous Sega series of games, but it is the third attempt at using the material to make a feature film. Mindfire Entertainment are leading the chase and apparently the movie is already in development.

"We have House of the Dead 3 in development now and hope to begin filming later this year if everything comes together. It's a completely different approach to the material than the first two films and I doubt it will even be called House of the Dead 3."

Whoa! The movie industry just won't leave it alone.. I can't wait to see what they come up with next. In fairness, I think the House of the Dead back-story could cook up a pretty good zombie movie, we're just waiting for the right execution. C'mon Hollywood, sign up The Rock as G.


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James2t3 said:

Well I dunno....hav't kept up with the house of dead games, only played the first one on an arcade machine, good fun.
Still I predict another smelly average movie.



antdickens said:

I recently had the chance to play House of the Dead 4 arcade in Singapore.. it's totally kick ass. Really hope they bring the HotD games to Wii.

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