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As Captain Jay, you take control of a space jet deployed on an alien world.

The planet you're on is inhabited by the Knagar, a race of big, green, self-important bullies. You must fight your way through, outsmart them and save the survivors. Fortunately, Jay can always throw a nice punch line when things get ugly. Fight floating drones, destroy Knagar ships, attack turrets and deal with gigantic worms before they swallow your ship or electrocute you. Access your handy map to avoid getting lost on one of six big levels. Pick up keycards, deactivate force fields, save survivors and collect power-ups. Rearm your ship to use one of six weapons, including the Quark Dispeller, Anti-Matter Thrower and Mega Rockets. Recharge your ship's battery by flying over heat-bursting volcanoes. Then use the surplus to power your weapons or energy shield. Enjoy humorous dialogue that accompanies players throughout the game.

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Posted by Jacob Crites

Space dreck

Calaris's last WiiWare game, WarMen Tactics, was allegedly “created to reflect the realities of urban warfare." Not only did it completely and utterly fail to accomplish its goal, it completely and utterly failed to function as a working and...

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Nintendo Download: 16th August 2010 (North America)

16th August 2010 (North America)

Monsters and Space on WiiWare; Mahjong, Reflections, Singing and Notes on DSiWare; nothing on VC

Another week, another round of "Where's My Most Anticipated Game?" with the Nintendo Download. There's no Shantae and no Virtual Console release, but don't be glum: there's still Quark Dispellers, Astro Maggots, Divergent Shifts and all manner of other bizarre word couplings to be downloaded..

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JohnWalrus said:

Eh, while it sounds okay, I'm not so sure if it'll even be worth it's point-price. I'll have to see. I sure wish Ufouria or Clock Tower would have come out, instead...



Punny said:

It's games like this that make me wonder why people port iPhone games to WiiWare in the first place. THEY AREN'T MEANT FOR EACH OTHER.

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