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Uh Oh! The scientists are being attacked by a vicious horde of monsters.

Use physics to splat those nasty creatures before they get close. Squash them, skewer them, explode them and do whatever you can to help our scientist friends survive. Complete almost thirty levels across 4 zones and then try and beat the special challenge in each.


  • Squash monsters with physics!
  • Build traps from random objects!
  • Launch stuff! Explode stuff!
  • Save yourself!!!!!

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Posted by Philip J Reed

An experiment to be ab-horde

We're going to say this up front because there won't be much room to say nice things later on in the review: Newton Vs The Horde has an utterly fantastic concept.The idea is to destroy approaching zombie-like creatures by using physics puzzles either...

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User Comments (9)



weirdproq said:

Apparently this game has old spice in it. There's a video on youtube of this game.



Gstewart said:

Actually no. That is the video for the old XNA original. Which was done for the microsoft old spice competition (which it won)
The Wii one is bigger with a load more features and the video for it can be found here....

I know this because I'm one of the team that made this game. We're just a tiny teeny little independant developer in the UK. We made this game for a particular audience. If you like physics killing zombies and you like puzzles then it's probably for you. We don't hold your hand, actually we slap your hands till they are red raw. We practically don't even tell you how to play the game and you have to work out not only how to do things but also all the cool stuff you are able to do. It might explode your head but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

I'd beg you all to buy it cause we're poor and need funding for our fantasy game on 3DS but it's against the rules so I'll just say that I hope enough people buy it.



bauckster said:

Thanks for sharing info about the game, Gstewart! It certainly looks quirky and intriguing - will there be a demo by any chance?



DarkEdi said:

@2 Your game looks interesting. I´ll give it a try. Have you think to be interviewed by NL cast? It could be very interesting.



Gstewart said:

@4 Website should be up and about some time soon. It'll be at radiationburn.net/Newton. although I can't say there is much on it that you won't find here. We should make a forum so folks can come and write death threats for making the challenge in level 3-6 so hard.
@5. We made the original version for the microsoft dreambuild competition special old spice competition way back in 2010 before we formed a company to do things officially (you need a company and an office to be Nintendo certified) This is the sequel to that game. It works better with wii controls is the reason it's on Wii.
@6 Thanks for giving it a try. Hope you enjoy it and manage to figure out all the crazy stuff you can do (we don't tell you). I would be really eager to see how many people can actually complete all the challenges. (youcan complete each level a hundred different ways but once you complete them you can try to do the challenge which can be cryptic and or really hard)
I doubt we're interesting enough for NL to want to bother to interview us. Mabye it would be an interview called "The magical hidden pit traps and administrative overlords that get in the way of releasing a game"

sory for the long post.



Gstewart said:

oh sorry missed @3 Simple question, complex answer.
I won't say no but it might take a while.We would like to do a demo since the game isn't very much like anything else out there, but unfortunately it would have to go through lotcheck and would likely take another couple of months to come out. I imagine by the time the demo comes out we'll be too busy with submission of our next game to have any time to promote it. We;re a very small studio and don't have a marketing department, or a marketing person, or actually any departments for that matter. Personally,In my totally unbiased oppinion I'd reccomend just spashing out the 500points and just calling me names if you don't like it



bauckster said:

Thanks for writing back, Gstewart! I wish you luck on this and all future endeavors.

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