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Think you can be the next big music star?

Well now you've got all the tools right at your fingertips with Mix Superstar. Create, mix and record your own royalty-free musical masterpieces right on your Wii. There are over 1,000 Dance, Hip Hop and Techno loops included across multiple instruments like Drum, Bass, Synth, Guitar and even voice tracks.

Once you've got that next hit created, it's time to show it off. Mix Superstar allows you to export your music creations, and download them to your computer so you can take them on-the-go. You can also use WiiConnect24 to send those hits to your Wii Friends and even collaborate on mixes!

Also included is full support for both the Logitech® USB Microphone and Wii Speak so you can lay down your own vocals.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play even allows you to enhance your music creation experience with thousands of additional loops from packs like Rock, Pop and House.

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Posted by Bryan Griffin


Lately the DSiWare service has received several musical creation tools: Music On series has provided us with a means to play musical instruments on the go, and the excellent Rytmik titles have shown exactly how awesome creating tunes on your DSi can be...

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edhe said:


Have you played Mix Superstar yet? You can only be judging the game from their past games or the screenshots provided.

I'm looking forward to trying it out, and the initial price looks very agreeable.



jhuhn said:

It took up a lot of blocks to get the saved memory installed and there's no way to save the files to the SD card instead of the console.



P_Alimony said:

I love this program but , I still can't submit any of my own mixes into the contest that keep popping up!!! Let alone still am I trying to get the vocals on point lol!



Kurachi said:

pay to play? does it mean i gotta pay more than the download points?
in MMO's p2p = paying every month or so, so how does this one work?

looks awesome, maybe i can use my last points for this, if thats all i need to do o_O

nvm, its nothing like MMO's, lol

i'll get it soon :D

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