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Kung Fu Funk takes players back to when martial arts had style, and colors were either vibrant or beige. Players enter the world of big hair and flared pants in this comedy Kung Fu movie styled game.

“Kung Fu Funk is great for parties, anyone who enjoys comedy action, and of course comedy Kung Fu movies,” said Wil McLellan, CEO of Stickmen Studios. “The Wii Remote is the perfect interface for players to experience the fun of being a Kung Fu fighter with the funk.”

Players must first master ancient 70’s moves, using the unique Wii™ motion sensing controls. A training montage of mini-games prepares players for the culmination of Kung Fu Funk, with the final test of skills in the disco dojo showdown. Pricing and release timing for the game will be announced in the coming weeks.

Kung Fu Funk features:

  • 1970’s styled funky Kung Fu mini-games
  • The original 1970’s hit song “Kung Fu Fighting”.
  • Singing Yaks!
  • Comedy Kung Fu moves
  • Up to four player Party mode

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Kung Fu Fail

No wonder people hate the Wii.It's been four years since the world's first real stab at a motion-based console launched, bringing the excellent Wii Sports along to define the grammar of the innovative controller. It didn't take long for me-too developers...

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Kung Fu Funk takes players back to when martial arts had style, and colors were either vibrant or beige. Visit nintendolife.com for more info

User Comments (8)



Pepe said:

Can someone tell me Why Nintendo would do something like this?
I mean, attari games are much more fun than this!!!



SepticLemon said:


Nintendo didn't develop the game, Stick Man Studios did. All that people need to do is buy the development licence from Nintendo, and as long as there isn't any bugs and errors in the game, it's fit for release. Heck Nintendo has released licences to Dev teams that made worst games than this, look at Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on the NES as an example. I wish people didn't take the whole "Nintendo Seal of Quality" thing so seriously, all that it means is that the Dev team bought the licence from Nintendo.

Anyways, yes I won't be buying this either, but hey, someone out there on the tinter webs will...



castlezelda said:


Every wiiware title isn't by Nintendo, and this Kung fu funk isn't programed by nintendo its programed by some company called Stickmen Studio's. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde wasn't by nintendo either it was made by some other company, the Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde game for NES is so awful. Some companies make very bad games, idk...even though these companies buy a license from the Big N, then i guess after the company has bought a license nintendo has no control over the product.



sykotek said:

...Wow, I'm really shocked at how similar the title screen is to Rag Doll Kung Fu. ...at least from my memory, I haven't played that game since I got it for free.



Dodger said:

I always thought that the Nintendo Seal of Quality just meant that it won't cause your system to self destruct. It doesn't mean that the game itself is quality. I don't think Kung Fu Funk has any really huge glitches that will cause your system to permanently freeze or anything like that. It's just a rather lame game.

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