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JellyCar 2, the hit driving platform game, is here and fully loaded with more than 30 levels, multiplayer action and much more.

Play head-to-head or co-op in Multiplayer Flag, Gems and Tether modes. (Additional accessories are required for multiplayer modes and are sold separately.) Post high scores, best times and longest jumps in the Hall of Fame. With so much squishy goodness, you'll want to drive JellyCar 2 all around town.

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Are you ready for this jelly?

Ports can be a tricky business. Change too much about beloved game and fans of the title will likely gripe, while not adding any new content earns the moniker “lazy port.” Still, lots of games on WiiWare have managed to straddle this fence...

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shinesprite said:

A friend showed the first one to me on an iPod touch. I never saw what was so great about it though. :|



SandMan said:

Nice to see a sequel to complement Jelly Cars 1 on WiiWare.

Oh wait a second! There is no Jelly Cars 1 on WiiWare! Yet we got its sequel!

Why?! Or better yet, how?!



MikeyMikeMike said:

Jelly 1 was a free game so it wouldn't be on WiiWare

This game sells for $0.99 for the iphone so I hope this isn't just a straight port for $5.00...



AdamLikesYou said:

I believe Disney owns this one but not the first one.

Every time Nintendo lets an old, sub par iPhone game onto DSiware at an unreasonably inflated cost, they bring shame onto their family for 3 generations and I cry a little inside. If there is any proof that Nintendo no longer cares that much about the DSi Shop, this is it. Apple, I'm sure, is just eating this right up. Nintendo's press announcements should read, "DSi gets another unimpressive game 3 years after the iPhone at 5 times the price!"



fordcars said:

Great game! I have it on ipod touch but it is way better on wii! You can play tons of levels in different modes, play multiplayer or design and build levels! Super easily! I highly recommend it!




fordcars said:

And adamlikesyou, They are forgetting the dsiware shop but because they are working on the 3DS shop.

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