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In Frogger Returns, players are thrown back into the hustle and bustle of city life to guide their amphibious friend, Frogger, from the city back to his home marsh.

Frogger Returns stays true to the classic arcade gameplay style, but is enhanced with improved graphics, a new camera angle, and new levels. Streets, sewers, subways, and numerous other obstacles and enemies are in play - all for the sake of keeping Frogger away from returning home!

But Frogger isn't surrounded by just hurdles; new power-ups including time reverse, invincibility and time freeze also aid Frogger in his travels.

Frogger Returns boasts a game 12 times the size of the original, crisp 3D graphics and local multiplayer capabilities. Players can go head-to-head in timed capture-the- pad races, as well as compete with friends by showing off their best scores. With a 25-year legacy, innovative controller options and extended levels, Frogger Returns provides all players the ultimate casual and core gaming experience.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

The return of an arcade legend.

It cannot be denied that Frogger is one of the original arcade hits. It was ported to pretty much every 8-bit console and computer system in the world, bootlegged numerous times and even immortalised in song on the seminal "Pac-Man Fever" LP by...

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Terra said:

I like Frogger but I already have another version, so I don't know whether I should buy this one. Need to see some footage and screens before I decide.



Ian_Daemon said:

That looks a lot more faithful to the original than the previous attempts to revive the franchise...



Lady_Gryphon said:

It's Frogger and it's only 500 points. As long as it doesn't completely suck, I'm getting it :)

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