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Players can bring the exciting "Slots" experience home.

Choose from six adventure-themed, five-reel bonus slots, or try your luck with classic Cherries or Diamonds slots. Win big jackpots and earn access to VIP suites. Players can use their winnings to purchase vibrant merchandise to customize their suites. As players progress, they can win multiple awards and achievements. Five-reel bonus slots include Gold Rush, Power of Zeus, Pirate Cove, Wild Safari, King Arthur's Excalibur and the Rising Sun. Classic three-reel slots are Diamonds and Cherries. Additional features include: High Roller Suites, where you can live like a VIP while customizing your own high roller suite with items such as artwork, pool tables, trophies and furniture; Bonus Games, offering six great games that can be played separately to challenge your nerves and increase your winnings; and Unlockables with achievement trophies that are tracked and awarded for exceptional play.

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Posted by James Newton

Eye roller

The Wii has sold brilliantly, more than even Mr. Iwata dreamt, due partly to its let's-get-up-and-have-fun image. Here comes Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots and Games to prove that sitting down and pressing one button just isn't as much fun as it used to...

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Roebuck77 said:

I just dowloaded this and I'm happy. You can play the "bonus rounds" seperately which is nice. If you're looking for slots and just a bit more this is it. My only question: how do I unlock things?



Arkaein said:

Hi Roebuck77, I'm the Lead Developer for Fantasy Slots. Glad to hear you're enjoying the game. Unlockables work in a few different ways:

Bonus Games - unlocked by triggering the bonus game once through the corresponding 5 reel slot machine (see the pay tables for details)

Suites - reach lifetime earnings milestones

Special Items (for decorating suites) - achieve certain scores or conditions in specific bonus games

Trophies (also for decorating suites) - achieve certain scores or conditions in specific bonus games for some trophies, reach lifetime earnings milestones for others

Good luck!



res said:

An honest review, but it also sounds like the reviewer is not much of a fan of real video slots to begin with, so the fact that he doesn't enjoy this either isn't too useful to me, personally. I'd also like to head the opinions of people who actually enjoy real video slots, as opposed to game versions with storylines and side-character interactions.

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