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Rotate! Move! Win!

The next big thing in casual gaming, bittos+ is all about rotating, moving and placing game pieces onto a game board to make squares and, more importantly, squares within squares. Playing bittos+ provides hours and hours of entertainment for the whole family, with boatloads of challenge and replay value for even the most avid gamer. With luscious environments, multiple modes to unlock, game styles to suit every mood, multiple real-time reactive control methods, in-game Awards to collect and high-score boards for the entire your household, bittos+ is a new game-play experience that will sweep you away.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

A little bit here and a little bit there...

With as many puzzle games as there are in Nintendo's WiiWare shop it's impressive that companies are still developing more. Even more impressive is how many of them are fun and original, and Unconditional's bittos+ is definitely one to add to the...

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KeeperBvK said:

No info whatsoever and the company behind hasn't done anything for Nintendo yet? Looking forward to SOME material.



Aronos said:

I'm kind of on the fence about this game. I like the style and I do play a bunch of puzzle games, but I need some type of review, or decent gameplay vids. Maybe I'll go play tetris in the mean time.



jrspooner said:

WiiWare's bittos+ is Tetris repackaged. The graphics are lacking; the puzzle play is not new, novel, or exciting; and the overall concept is not worth spending your money. I would not recommend this game to puzzle enthusiasts, or any other gamer.



Wasley5 said:

I purchased this game and I love it!! Almost better than tetris in my opinion. I give it a 10!!

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