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Fore! Love! Strike! Home run! TKO!

Wii Sports Club feels like a new experience, with the addition of crisp high-definition graphics and Wii MotionPlus technology, as well as creative uses of the Wii U GamePad. For example, in Wii Sports Club – Baseball, the pitcher aims a fastball, change-up or curveball by moving the GamePad around in real space and pressing a button to throw. If the ball gets hit in the air, the player holds the GamePad to track and catch the fly ball – just like they would with a baseball glove! In Wii Sports Club – Golf, players place the GamePad on the floor. The ball will appear on the GamePad controller’s screen and then “fly” to the TV screen when players take their golf swing using the Wii Remote Plus controller.

Using the game’s new online multiplayer mode, players no longer have to wait for a reunion or holiday gathering to play with friends and family members who live far away. Gamers from all over the country who own the game and have a broadband Internet connection can play Wii Sports Club together. Players also can join a club to represent their regions and build online communities with fellow club members by sending tips, pep talks and other messages via Miiverse.

There are so many new features in Wii Sports Club that players will feel like they are playing the game for the first time. The added GamePad features elicit the same “You have to try this!” reactions generated after playing the original Wii Sports.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wii Sports Club Assemble!

Wii Sports Club began life as a rather interesting eShop initiative by Nintendo, as sports from the original Wii pack-in were gradually released with multiple purchase options — timed passes for a small amount or a permanent pass for fairly standard...

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beaks said:

I love the golf game. I play golf and had the worst wario shot ever ( curve shot ) and since playing Wii u golf I've gotten better. It helped me shoot straighter. I personally can't wait to try the baseball, homerun derby is my favorite. I'm glad Nintendo decided to release a full game with all of the games on it, but its great they also give you the option to buy individual games also. Just another reason Nintendo is the best, they give you options!

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