Wii Sports Club began life as a rather interesting eShop initiative by Nintendo, as sports from the original Wii pack-in were gradually released with multiple purchase options — timed passes for a small amount or a permanent pass for fairly standard download price. With the set of five now complete it's hard to say how successful this approach has been, but it's also hardly surprising that Nintendo has opted to resort to a standard retail release, albeit with a price below the typical asking price.

All sports have had upgrades and changes, to varying degrees, for their Wii U iterations. On top of improved visuals we have online play, the Club system, Miiverse and MotionPlus / GamePad controls, all presumably with the goal of enhancing the original for a new audience.


Our approach for this review, then is to compile our previous content and then introduce a new conclusion and score for the whole package — features such as Miiverse and Club features will be covered on the final page. In that way we hope this'll give an overall picture and, ultimately, help you decide whether the downloads or retail disc are for you. If you want to view the full original eShop reviews, however, those are linked below.

Otherwise, click on through as we cover each sport individually, before giving a final assessment of this Wii Sports Club retail version.