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Robots in disguise

Based on the hit animated television show produced by Hasbro Studios, Transformers Prime lets fans play as their favourite Autobot characters and embark on an action-packed adventure to save the earth from the evil Megatron and his new secret weapon.

Players step into the roles of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Autobot Ratcher, Bulkhead and more as they explore unique vistas all around the world with brawler-style combat and diverse driving sequences. Along the way, gamers cultivate friendships with Jack, Miko and Raf – the human characters from the show – as Team Prime sets out to protect mankind and eliminate the Decepticons once and for all.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

You've got the touch (screen)

The long-running Transformers franchise has shifted, morphed and diverged enough to certainly live up to its name since debuting in 1984: the original Generation 1 adored by long-time fans and purists, Beast Wars, a few Michael Bay interpretations and...

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Varia01 said:

First one to comment (YES). Is this gonna be as good as the Transformers Prime animated series? Cause this one of the games I maybe looking forward to at Wii U launch.



Varia01 said:

Seriously? Nobody is interested in a new Transformers game? Nobody??? Well that is just a bummer,who is the developer by the way? I hope it is High Moon Studios, the perfected the action/shooter hybrid genre.



Varia01 said:

Just one more comment.... That cover is nothing without Cliff Jumper, though Optimus will always remain my number 1 favorite, ol'Cliff's first episode death was VERY VERY disappointing on the Animated Series. Please... Please... Please tell me Cliff Jumper is on there.... ....please......



ajmetz said:

Totally...just hit Nintendo Life's list of Wii U launch titles, and this is the one I'm most excited about! Don't have cable, but have watched every episode on Youtube the day after it's first broadcast abroad...haha... the age of the internet 'aye? It's been painful following Titan's comic that's sooo far behind and still talking about Season 1. I'm all on edge after Season 2's cliff hanger ending! =O...! But what's the deal with this, as the Activision movie-based games were all supposed to be turds weren't they? Should I get this, or prioritise Fall for Cybertron on PS3 or something? I'm currently looking to get either a PS3 or Wii U soon...but money's tight. I've just got a 3DS though, =D, so it's cool it's for that too. Is there likely to be a big difference between Wii and Wii U versions? The graphics in this trailer look almost as good as the animated series which is amazing! And is that Thunderwing? Haven't seen him since the end of the Marvel UK comic! Awesome, ^_^.

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