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Drawdler said:

Protip: If you want this version of the game, buy the Wii Starter Pack instead- because it comes with a free download code for the Wii U version, essentially giving you a free bonus copy of the game for Wii (and saving you some money, because the Starter Pack for the Wii costs less).



Nico07 said:

@Drawdler Also for accessories, there are (2) three packs of traps that contain: tech, magic, earth. And the other undead, fire, and air. Each goes for $14.99 at retail and bolstered with the starter pack's life and water traps you will have all current elemental traps (with exception of dark, which is included in the dark edition of the game). You can trade out trapped villians in between levels so that one trap of each will suffice. Other than that the new Trap Masters are more powerful than past Skylanders and therefor a few extra are useful for playing through the game's eighteen levels.

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