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Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and experience the ultimate LEGO building experience in the all new The LEGO Movie Videogame.

Step into the world of Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average citizen who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. Players guide him as he is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Almost everything is awesome

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been otherwise indisposed from newspapers, radio, television, the Internet, or any of the other countless forms of communicative devices that the news media uses to infiltrate our lives in 2014, you’re...

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Kolzig said:

I hope the review is soon coming out for this game. Really interested to hear did Travellers Tales struck gold again with this game.

I'd say it sounds even more interesting than Lego games like Marvel Super Heroes and Hobbit/Lord of the Rings.



HappyHappyist said:

@Kolzig definitely. i didn't like LEGO marvel or LotR. this looks amazing.

plus, <3 that title. "The LEGO Movie VideoGame" lol it looks like a parody of itself

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