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Dare to change of era! Raise t-rex, diplodocus, triceratops or velociraptors on Wii U

At the beginning of the game, all you own is an empty field, a few pennies and a single little compsognathus... You need to feed your compsognathus, take care of it and improve its lifestyle. Well fed with meat, your compsognathus will lay eggs which can then be sold to the Shopkeeper. And with this money, you can buy new animals at the Farmers’ Market and purchase equipment from the Shopkeeper.

Little by little as your farm builds up, you will unlock certain bonuses: fun colors for animals, watch dog, laboratory, communication station, etc.

  • 10 kinds of animals to customize;
  • Take care of your animals: food, clean, disease, etc.;
  • Many farm improvements to buy and bonuses to collect;
  • Several missions and events to spice-up your farm life;
  • Languages: English, Spanish and French;
  • “My Jurassic Farm” is designed for kids (7-11), but farm life is an all-age challenge!

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Posted by Jake Shapiro

Different skin, exact same game

My Jurassic Farm is an exciting concept. Everyone loved Jurassic Park back in the day, right?! It would make a great video game! Sadly, the dino-management genre has been left relatively barren since the wondrous days of DinoPark Tycoon back in 1993. Is...

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SKTTR said:

My Farm
My Exotic Farm
My Arctic Farm
My Jurassic Farm

Are these all the same games with a different skin?



mystman12 said:

@SKTTR Well, pretty sure My Farm and My Exotic Farm are so... Yes, I think it's safe to assume all them are the same with different skins.

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