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Call of Duty: World at War introduces co-operative play, bringing fresh meaning to the “No One Fights Alone” mantra with Wii also supporting a unique co-op mode for two players.

For the first time ever players will experience harrowing single-player missions together for greater camaraderie and tactical execution. The co-op campaign allows players to rank up and unlock perks in competitive multiplayer by completing challenges and earning experience points, adding continuous re-playability and team-based gameplay. Whether playing competitively or cooperatively – if players are online with Call of Duty: World at War – they will always gain experience points. Based on a player’s experience rank and rank of the player’s friends, Call of Duty: World at War will scale dynamically to provide a deeper level of challenge.

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edofthe209 said:

This is one good and intense shooter. Even the "Yoda Mode" co-op was pretty exciting.



Modern_Legend said:

There is no splitscreen in this game which sucks. I wud have been so happy if they had added that



nice_shirt said:

I swear there are bullet-proof jerks running around but I don't know how they do it!



Tycoon said:

great game for clans good online and a great campaign mode if anyone wants to add me on cod5 they can my code is 3051-4165-0847
and if u have wii speak then my code is 4850-5591-7869-4171 and i also have a youtube account so if u want to add me on that then my channel name is OllLGllO btw its small L's after and before the O's. but this game i would give a 10/10 rating




Which game is better world at war for the wii or modern warfare for the wii, I can't decide?

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