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The events of Yoshi's Island take place in the past.

Mario was one of two twin brothers whom the evil Magikoopa Kamek tried to kidnap. Kamek kidnapped one of the brothers, but the second, Mario, fell down on Yoshi's island, where Yoshis live. The Yoshis decided to carry baby Mario and to bring him to his parents. But Kamek has sent troops and hordes of monsters to stop the Yoshis and to kidnap Mario.

In the game, players control the differently colored Yoshis most of the time. Mario is a helpless baby unless a star that makes him invincible is collected. As a Yoshi, players can swallow enemies to make eggs; these eggs are used for attacking other enemies and activating switches. Yoshi can do a flutter jump to clear large gaps that a regular jump can't. Players can also pound the ground for attacks and also flipping certain switches. Additionally, Yoshis can transform into vehicles, such as a helicopter, submarine, or a train. If Mario is dismounted from a Yoshi, a countdown will start, and Yoshi must catch the baby before Kamek's servants kidnap it. When Mario is invincible, he doesn't ride on Yoshi and is immune to attack. While invincible, Mario can run up certain walls.

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Posted by Kaes Delgrego

Perhaps the greatest platformer of all-time.

When remembering the great games of the past, our thoughts tend to drift towards the revolutionary titles; the literal game-changers. And any gamer worth a darn knows that the indisputable king of these wonderful permutations is Shigeru Miyamoto. The...

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User Comments (17)



motang said:

I wonder what it's taking Nintendo so long, as I would have though it would have been on the VC already!



lakersfanmartin said:

still waiting for this game to come out :( what is nintendo waiting for? this is one of the best,if not the best game ever! whenever this game comes out i will be sure to get it the 1st day.



Nickno said:

lulz found it at the thrift store for $0.99, and it goes on ebay in its condition at about $10. So whoop, I got me a steal! I LURVE IT!!! :O



CzartD said:

Well, the one you're getting is the GBA version which is laggy and has worse sound quality and smaller screen and crappy mode 7 effects... :/



Yosher said:

A little late for the above comment but.. the GBA version did have one extra hidden level for each world, if memory serves correctly.



James1993 said:

I wish Super Mario World 2: Yoshi`s Island was released on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console service.

Will I be the final comment in this post?



Onion said:

They're having a hard time emulating the Mode 7 effects from the Super FX Chip, so this game isn't likely to come out. We got the GBA version on Wii U instead as a compromise.

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