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Zanac is a vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up game that was released in November 1986. Take control of the state-of-the-art fighter, Zanac, with the objective of destroying the bases of the mechanized enemy forces. Use your full array of regular weapons as well as eight special weapons to clear the 12 intense areas of the game.

Be careful, though, as the game changes the degree of difficulty in real time based on how well you play. This ensures that it feels like you're experiencing a new game every time you play.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Take control of the state-of-the-art fighter, Zanac, with the objective of destroying the bases of the mechanized enemy forces.

When you’ve got shooters of the calibre of Gate of Thunder, Soldier Blade and Super Star Soldier to choose from, it’s not unreasonable to question the sanity of downloading a NES blaster; surely anything available on Nintendo’s crusty old 8-bit...

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User Comments (13)



Bass_X0 said:

doesn't look to be anything special. maybe its one of those games that plays better than it looks... but i doubt it.



JNoodles said:

It looks pretty good but considering we have three of the Star Soldiers, Blazing Lazers, Galaga, Galaga '90, StarFox 64/Lylat Wars, Sin and Punishment, Xevious, Ordyne, Gradius, Gradius II (soon enough), Gradius III and so on... it seems unneeded.

__Greg G.


Greg G. said:

I had this on NES when I was younger and played it a ton. It is a fun and addictive game. If it's 500 points I'll probably add it to my VC collection when it is released in the US.



GS said:

This game is good, but if you are looking for in my opinion the greatest shooter, you would be better off downloading "Blazing Lazers" for the turbo grafx for a little more money.



Kelvin said:

If this is anything like its Master System cousin, Power Strike, it'll be a good pick for anyone who fancies a tough challenge!



deggs said:

i'm happy this has finally been released as i'll probably buy it now... still, i really hope that we're one step further to getting Guardian Legend released... at this point though, things don't look that promising for a Guardian Legend vc release in North America, which is sad because I always wanted that game but couldn't find it until after my nes got stolen...

this game will tide me over until then i guess...



TheNintendoBoy said:

This game is awfully repetitive and insanely hard. I much prefer the Aleste games (MUSHA, Power Strike 2, Super Aleste) that built on the same concept.



KhaoShar said:

We're sorry, this video is no longer available.

This needs some fixing, I daresay?



TRON said:

I downloaded this game after reading an article about people still playing this in competition, and it being such a great shooter. Well... I was left pretty uninterested after a few plays (deaths more like it) and don't see myself playing it too much more. Shooters really came into their own during the 16 bit era for me, and it's hard to recommend this when there are several shooters on the TG-16 that are better and more fun than this for only a 100 points more.

(I would note that I found the gameplay frustrating and that really affected my enjoyment of this game, but maybe I just suck... apparently it's some of the hardcore schmup fans life goal to see the credits run on this one).



lordbowser said:

Isn't this the game that if you reset it 13 times you get a different ship and some various other weird cheats too.



AlphaNerd01 said:

Downloaded this today out of pure curiosity - and I love it! This isn't for casual schmup fans though; it's merciless. That's why I love it so much. If you're into insanely hard schmups, look no further. This is for you.

Thanks for the excellent review, Damien. Can't believe I passed this over the week it was released!



badsmoothie said:

Just picked up this game today and it's definitely one of those hidden gems. Absolutely love it! Five stars.



Corbs said:

I had honestly never heard of this game until it was released on the Virtual Console. As it turns out, I missed a real gem. This is a great little shooter.

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