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Mighty Bomb Jack (Wii Virtual Console / NES)

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The great King Pamera, his Queen and the fair Princess have been kidnapped by the evil demon Belzebut and imprisoned in his cursed pyramid.

Jack's elder brothers braved the pyramid to try and rescue them, but not one of them has returned since. Only Jack remains. He summons all his courage and steps forth into the pyramid himself...

As Jack, you must make your way through 16 labyrinthine levels to defeat Belzebut, rescue the royal Pamera family and restore peace and order to the world. Good luck Jack!

Game Review

Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Pyramid schemes

Bomb Jack, released in 1984, was one of Tecmo's early hits, a single-screen arcade game that had players rushing to diffuse bright red bombs planted at major tourist attractions around the globe. By the time its sequel rolled around in 1987, the Super...

Game Review

3DS eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Not so mighty

The original Bomb Jack was an addictive little arcade game in which the objective was to collect all the bombs in each level while avoiding enemies. Sounds like a simple concept - and it was. For the NES, though, Tecmo decided to make a sequel with a bit...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

Jack bombed

The original Bomb Jack arcade game was a big hit when it was released. It featured a screen with 20 bombs which had to be collected in a specific order if the player was to achieve the highest score; players would play religiously in an attempt to find...

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User Comments (14)



Kelvin said:

Yeah, I think I'd prefer the original. I played it for hours on my C64, the version that had that great music "borrowed" from elsewhere.



Cowmansr said:

"Bomb hungry caped super hero" eh? That's... weird. Check out the box art. It's pretty funny. I guess that explains the "crazy high jumps" and such though...



nephew77 said:

I agree with Daz yet again. I actually appreciate the control scheme: your vertical jump can cover about half of the screen, and you can float in an almost horizontal line, but the monsters tend to try to corner you. The secrets save this one, but the repetition and banality of this title prevents me from giving more than a 2/5.

__Billy Pilgrim


Billy Pilgrim said:

I never played the arcade game so I have nothing to judge on, but I was looking for something new and I really knew nothing of this title and I was not disapointed, it's provided me lots of excitement. I'm not one for new video games so when I come across an 8-bit gem like this I'm quite pleased. This is definately not as good as PunchOut, Zelda or Kirby but for Christ's sake it's a fun little arcade game and I don't know how this one escaped me as a kid.



SKTTR said:

Bomb Jack was a hit with my family and friends back in the 80ies. I've played the Arcade-port on C64. It was fun and still it IS fun!

After reading some bad reviews about Mighty Bomb Jack, I couldn't believe it and gave it a try.

I'm far away from disappointed. Controls are just perfect. The adventure-maze-part around the classic stages are vast and full of variety.
It has much more to it than the arcade version.
Only the graphics are a bit lacking.

Apart from that, I thinks it's a very unique platforming game
with controls and gameplay that I never found somewhere else.
I like it, got my 4 stars.



KhaoShar said:

I think I saw the original arcade game on my dad's C64. But i was like 6 years old or so back than. It would be good to get that original in here, maybe some day more systems are added to the VC, but for now I'll pass on this NES version.



BananaJane said:

I love the title screen artwork so damn much.
It was the reason I rented it so much.



Cally said:

Yeah, I remember that "you are greedy" thing as pretty much the creepiest thing I have EVER seen in a videogame when I was a kid. I mean, how many videogames directly pass judgment on you and punish you? Sheesh.

Otherwise, this game is pretty weird. I don't think it even has an end that you could "beat it," if I remember right. And the enemies and hero . . .

Creepy-weird old-school. I can't believe they put this on the VC that they'd want anybody to relive this thing.



Ferret75 said:

The greed this is kinda funny. XP

Anyways, I kinda like this game.
Not great, but not bad either.



jblayze said:

lol wow i cant believe you guys remember the c64! i always liked this game. the enemies are so random, it keeps the game exciting though. it makes me wanna dig up my nes and put the cartridge in (after blowing in it of course :) )

the graphics suck , yes, but what do you expect?

and i agree with cally, i dont think you can beat the game yo its crazy for years i never got passed the same point!!!


i recommend this game for a fun and interesting passtime 4/5

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