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Sengoku 3 (Neo Geo)

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Sengoku 3 is a side scrolling action game first released in 2001.

Choose one of the 4 initial characters to play with and set off on an adventure around the world destroying evil spirits that were awoken by the red moon. This sequel takes on a new gaming dynamic from its predecessors by incorporating a ninja (shinobi) gauge which when filled allows you to launch several different Ninja Art attacks against your enemies. The new system allows you to use both armed and unarmed attacks to adeptly execute and link combos, increasing your characters attack power. Use high-powered ninja arts and combos to decimate your enemies in this action-packed final installment of this epic series.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Third time's the charm

While SNK was far more well known for its one-on-one fighting games, it did toss out a few beat 'em ups along the way. Some of the attempts were better than others: Sengoku 3 is one such example. It basically takes many of the solid gameplay perks of the...

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dhowerter said:

Sweet! Well, order aside (on the USA Wii VC, 2 came out first, then 1, then 3 , that means that Wii VC now has all 3 Sengokus!

How tidy! ^_^



Aldebaran said:

Finally one of the best 2D beat em ups ever made is here !!!!
I've waited for so long for this game can't believe finally arrived to Virtual Console, this tittle is a true gem and a must have for Neo Geo and beat em up fans !!!!



Samus06 said:

When will the review of this game be up? I am very interested in getting this game, but the first two titles seem to be mediocre to me. I hope this is great. I could really go for another great beat em up game.



vio said:

So it appears this game is now officially the final release for the Wii Virtual Console.

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