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NAM-1975 (Neo Geo)

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Initially released in 1990, NAM-1975 is a third-person, "shoot 'em up," action game.

The player takes the role of an American Special Forces soldier fighting through a harsh battlefield while moving left and right in front of the screen as enemies in the background shoot fiercely at the protagonist. Essentially, you fight with machine guns and other firearms, as well as hand grenades and the like; however, you can pick up new weapons from items. Not to mention, you can move at high speed while dashing, enabling you to get out of sticky situations if used adeptly.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

War is heaven

Although NAM-1975 was an early Neo Geo release, it's certainly not short on fun. Released in 1990, it took a simple shooting approach and built an interesting war theme around it. Simple mechanics and a level of playability that wasn't too common in the...

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RetrogamerFan said:

I remember seeing this in Mean Machines Guide, one of the 1st Neo-Geo titles. I might get this if it comes to Europe because it's not a beat em up, and it wasn't on the SNK classics Wii disc.



FritzFrapp said:

Was playing this on my Neo just last weekend with my eldest. Still a brilliant game. Challenging, with nice graphics and fantastic speech. Can't believe I've had this gem nearly a quarter of a century and it's hardly dated at all.
We need more games in this genre. Cabal came out a year or so earlier and its sequel Blood Bros hit the arcades about the same time as Nam 75, if I recall. There was Taito's Rambo 3, also around 89-90, but I wasn't a fan of that one.Then came the good SNES game Wild Guns. And an arcade game 10 years ago called Gamshara by Mitchell (the Polarium on Nintendo DS, Pang and Puzz Loop developers) that looked very Nam-inspired, though I never got to play it. Sin and Punishment N64 and its stellar Wii sequel are both pretty similar too. Anyone able to think up other games in the genre? I'm running on fumes now.

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