(Wii Virtual Console / Mega Drive)

Super Street Fighter II (Wii Virtual Console / Mega Drive)

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For two years, they have reigned supreme.

Twelve of the most gifted fighters from across the world have battled each other in the World Warrior tournament. But the time has come for them to step aside - Now is the time of the New Challengers!

Cammy, Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Fei Long have earned the right to enter the World Warrior Tournament. Each of them possesses a lethal combination of martial arts skills that they believe can destroy Bison. But can they survive the original Street Fighters and their abilities? Only the true Street Fighters among you will be able to find out!

  • Features 4 all new characters plus new moves, and animations for the original Street Fighters!
  • Includes hot new modes including Group Battle, Tournament Battle and the Time Challenge.
  • Online multiplayer!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by James Newton

Online, but off-base?

It's taken five and a half years for an online Street Fighter game to reach Wii. In that time, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners have had five different SF online titles — six, if you count Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Heck, even 3DS has Super Street...

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niggyt2004 said:

because of the sound, i remember when SF 1st came out on megadrive. it was fast but sound was very tinney. it played great though



Blizzaga said:

I can't believe I want this simply because it will be the first VC game ever with online multiplayer.

Damn, that sucks.



SkywardLink98 said:

Hmm... 800 points? I think I'll get Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition off of Amazon for $17.50.



Betagam7 said:

Will it be 60hz? Fullscreen? Or just the same as every other Megadrive release on the EU VC (even the import ones that are advertised as both but are actually neither).



Ristar42 said:

@Betagam7 Be interesting to see, if they've gone to the trouble of adding online play it would seem simple to add a 60Hz display mode, I think may also sell better with that option.
On the Megadrive, I preferred Special Champion Edition anyway.
Surprised that the Wii shop still claims Megadrive imports run at 60Hz when they don’t, I recall Ironclad had the same misinformation when it was first released.

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