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It's the 31st Century, and science and technology have progressed to the point that the human race is approaching perfection: no war, no poverty, and no conflict. With nothing to worry about, the human race seems destined to live forever in harmony; but what if Earth came under attack? By this point in time, people did not know how to cope with problems or conflicts, and had completely lost their survival instincts.

In response to this, the United Earth Government created the Gain Ground system, a war simulator that would help humans rediscover their lost instincts. After several terrible malfunctions, the creators became prisoners in their own creation. Now it's up to you and two courageous comrades to go into the Gain Ground system, rescue your fellow humans, and destroy the system. You'll battle through different periods in history as you revive your survival instincts, while trying to stay alive!

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Posted by Damien McFerran

It's the 31st Century, and science and technology have progressed to the point that the human race is approaching perfection.

Gain Ground started life as a largely unpopular 3 player arcade game. Surprisingly when taking into account the relative lack of commercial success it was ported to the Sega Megadrive/Genesis and Master System pretty swiftly. The gameplay is similar to...

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emocean said:

Not sure what you guys were missing, but we've put some serious hours into the 2 player co-op part of the game. Best VC game we've played so far. Graphics, sound etc are pretty blah, but the strategy that you begin to understand after the straight-up button mash killing leaves you dead is what makes this a keeper. Highly recommended.



s0m3b0d3 said:

The game is fun when you play co-op. The single player is lacking though. It is the deffinition of "dont judge a book by it's cover". When the game starts, you feel like your having a seizure, after that though its fun. The game itself is not worth 800 points to the moneyless teen, but if you have the money, give it to me so i can get more VC games and write reviews... or just get the game and see for yourself.



TheNintendoBoy said:

I think the game gets better with multiple plays, but the character system is way too unforgiving as you'll often end up not having the right character available to finish a level. If you don't mind trial & error, you may want to check it out.

__Matthew Truttling


Matthew Truttling said:

This is a challenging game and if you're good with strategy this is the game to play because it involves strategy and patience. This is one of favorite games. One advice, when you go far into the game your characters with the high tech weapons and arrows are important because when you face the last boss arrowmen can cause alot of damage and the ones with the high tech weapons will be effective if you use the right strategy.



Drake said:

Sorry Damo, but this is one of few VC-R reviews I disagree with. It's one of the most original strategy games ever to me, and it's helped by a great soundtrack and great gameplay.



SKTTR said:

Called my buddy in, downloaded Gain Ground and played it straight for 5 hours and we must say every hour was worth a star.
This game is surprisingly fun. I'm glad i didn't passed on this. It is highly addicting.

if you like fun and easy twoplayer-games, get-ready-go-arcade-action, and 50 varied stages, a bit of strategy and thinking, good music, 20 different party members each with his own special fighting abilities, get this!

One of my best VC downloads.



jesus_666 said:

Great Game, absolutely nothing like Gauntlet at all, it's very strategy orientated and has a kind of pokemon "gotta catch em all" feel to it with all the different collectable characters. Trying out a new character is never "dull" at any stage, everytime you pick a new guy up to join your army you want to find out what he can do. This is actually the worst review I've read on the site so far.



Corbs said:

Wow did I used to spend countless hours playing this game. My best friend got it for his birthday and didn't like it so he traded it to me for Space Harrier.



Cally said:

This game is surprisingly good. "More than meets the eye" has never been truer . . . cuz man, it sure doesn't look like much. It's got such a nice, slow, methodical pace that makes it a thinking-man's strategy more than an overhead twitch-fest.

Indeed the soundtrack is great. What a great surprise. Highly recommended for variety's sake! A must for an old-schooler.


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