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The award-winning Phantasy Star Online sparked a worldwide gaming phenomenon. Now the world of Phantasy Star Online (PSO) is coming to NINTENDO GAMECUBE. Phantasy StarTM Online Episode I & II will feature all-new game-play modes and new content.

New character classes, formidable weapons, enemies and challenging quests are just a small part of the awesome new content waiting to be discovered. Episode 1 includes all the original PSO and PSO ver.2, while Episode II brings an exclusive new full-length adventure to the NINTENDO GAMECUBE.

Phantasy Star Online Episode 1&2 will be the first online game available on NINTENDO GAMECUBE. To play online you will need to purchase a NINTENDO GAMECUBE Broadband adapter or Modem adapter priced at around 45-50 Euros and acquire a 'Hunters Licence', which can be purchased for £5.99 (€8.95) for 30 days – The first 30 days are free!

The new split-screen feature allows four friends to adventure together on the same NINTENDO GAMECUBE. Not only does PSO deliver the ultimate online gaming experience, but it also has one of the most addictive single player offline RPG experiences ever seen on a home console.

Experience single player... Experience multiplayer... Experience online... Experience the Phantasy...

Welcome to the future. Your star is ready to rise.

Game features & Online details:

  • Impressive offline single player adventure with over 100 hours of unbelievable gameplay.
  • New split-screen actions lets up to four gamer's team up, or compete, on the same NINTENDO GAMECUBE.
  • For never-ending adventures, up to four players can cooperate and compete online in normal gameplay modes or embark on exclusive downloadable quests.
  • All of the content of PSO and PSO ver.2, plus an exclusive new adventure.
  • Players can test their endurance with Challenge Mode, or reign as the supreme champion of player vs. player combat in Battle Mode.
  • Real-time combat against new, more powerful monsters.
  • New dungeons and areas to explore, new rare items to find and new quests to complete.
  • To play online you need to need to purchase a NINTENDO GAMECUBE Broadband Adapter or Modem Adapter priced at around 45 -50 Euro's and acquire a 'Hunters License' which can be purchased for £5.99 (€8.95) for 30 days – The first 30 days are free!

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koopa85 said:

This game is a 9 out of 10 for sure and that's only because this game can no longer be played online. A true classic! It is also worth mentioning that the worlds in this game are some of the most beautiful you'll ever come across. Don't compare the underwhelming Phantasy Star Universe to this gem. This game deserves a better sequel.



Kurachi said:

the site says 1 player, but the info says more
it looks nice, is there any problem with it as the online service no longer exists?
maybe i'll buy it, but gotta find a good place where i live to see if i can get it easier than ebay or such

EDIT: i did find out that PSO plus has stuff which the normal one had online-only



Alexneon said:

There r private servers where u still can play this gem online, just google. and about the info, is wrong, the game can be played with 4 ppl split screen.



TheSegaFan said:

I don't see the appeal behind this. The combat is stiff, the controls are horrible, and the grinding is unforgivable. I love the genre, but this is just not worth finishing to me. Maybe it's because I only have the Dreamcast version.

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