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Join Captain Falcon and a host of drivers from around the galaxy in this, the return of F-Zero.

Along with the hallmark elements of the previous titles (high speed racing through futuristic tracks that range from difficult to down right crazy, against up to 29 different racers at any one time), GX introduces a new story mode which details the backstory of each driver and creates a new sense of importance to each race.

Depending on your result through the 15 tracks, you'll receive prize money which can go towards the purchase of new parts to increase your power and speed of your racer. No weapons are used during each race, so it will take skill to get to the top.

Also included are a 4 player split-screen mode, the option of full customization the look of your vehicle, plus plenty of unlockable extras to find.

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Posted by Laurie Blake

F-Zero is the name of the game, but will it also be the score?

In 2003 Nintendo’s premier racing series returned in superb style on the GameCube: F-Zero GX came out of the gate lightning fast, brutally hard and, rather oddly, developed by Sega. Made by Sega studio Amusement Vision, it marked the company’s first...

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nintendo87 said:

one of the hardest games i have ever played!!! but a great game now they need to make it on the wii and online!!



Tyler_100 said:

Super fast game. Quick multilayer, and isn't to frustrating even with the high difficulty level.



alvieao said:

SEGA and Nintendo made what is perhaps the BEST iteration in the F-Zero series. The game has a strong pedigree, with Miyamoto and Toshihiro Nagoshi serving as co-producers of F-Zero GX. The game also used the Super Monkey Ball engine, hence being developed by Amusement Vision (one of Sega's internal studios). We need a new F-Zero game again...



nasachi said:

best, fastest and hardest futureracer ever

newbies better stick to wipeout ^^



MachineLaw said:

Graphics that still look yummy today. This is also one of the hardest games, I ever played I really hope that they announce something for Wii U.

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