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Picross 2 (GB / Game Boy)

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The Japan-only sequel to the original Mario's Picross release.

Even more puzzles to challenge your logic. Help Mario unlock the mystery of Picross! The secrets lie in the numeric codes on the top and left side of the window. Decipher these numbers and uncover a hidden picture in each mind-bending puzzle!

Quick wits and a speedy pace are required to solve the clues before the clock runs out! Chisel away strategic boxes and reveal the hidden image in record time! Be careful! Every mistake will cost precious minutes!

New to the mix is Wario's Picross - An expansion from the unlockable Time Trial mode in the original Mario's Picross, Wario's puzzles will not tell you if you're doing things right or wrong. You won't know if you've been doing things correctly until the puzzle is solved or you spot a mistake yourself!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Even more fun with numbers!

Mario's Picross was a very nice attempt at making a Mario game based on Picross puzzles (Or nonograms, as they're sometimes called), but there were a few shortcomings - the biggest of which was that most puzzles just weren't really hard. With a maximum...

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