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A Light-hearted Adventure With Mythical Challenges!

All of Angel Land is up to it halos in woes! Mythical monsters are running rampant and Pit, the original Kid Icarus, must save the realm again. Armed with his trusty bow, he'll zap the bad guys and find the three magical treasures hidden by Palutena. Only after this grueling training will he be strong enough to take on the dark forces behind Angel Land's troubles.

Pit will encounter old friends and new enemies, from helpful Centurions to the dreaded Eggplant Wizard, as he journeys from the depths of the underworld to the towers of the sky palace. Find hammers to shatter special walls and reveal helpful items. Collect hearts by fighting off Pit's foes. Train hard and battle harder. Pit's challenges make the labors of Hercules look like a walk in the park!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard


When the original Kid Icarus hit the NES, many gamers weren't sure exactly what to think of it. For starters the game's protagonist was a cute little winged angel (at least we thought so) who ran around shooting tiny arrows at mythological enemies. Of...

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Noire said:

It's games like this that make me wish there was a Virtual Handheld...



noblo601 said:

I just picked this game up on ebay... should be slotted into my gameboy in about a week!



mushroomer said:

パルテナの鏡 <----- that is the japanese title for the original Kid Icarus.
Translates "The Mirror of Parthenon"
interesting how the change of just the name makes a game more child like or serious...



Mok said:

Never knew this one existed even. I only had the original Kid Icarus on the NES.



SkywardLink98 said:

We don't even know if this is coming to NA yet and Europeans already have it? Cruel NoA! (Is it just me or is NoA's quality dropping?)



cheapogamer4life said:

I'd guess April 8th for us according to the pattern of the japan and Europe release date but since that's a Sunday....

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