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Have you ever asked yourself what it would feel like to be among the stoves of the best restaurants in the world? Do you want to become the best chef there is, preparing scrumptious dishes? Jump right in and enter the world of Yummy Yummy and its mixture of flavours and aromas.

In Yummy Yummy, you'll become the best of cooks in an entertaining game where you have to satisfy the hunger of the most diverse, colourful set of hungry diners: Vampires, extraterrestrials, mafia thugs, Vikings, and so forth. Prepare hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas and Mexican burritos as quickly as you can before your customers get tired of waiting and decide to leave the restaurant without giving you a good tip.

Roll up your sleeves, clap your chef's hat on and have a great time being the best of cooks.

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Posted by James Newton

A fallen soufflé

You may remember this game from its appearance on WiiWare, so you won't be surprised to know this is a direct port. We didn’t think much to its incarnation on the Wii, particularly struggling with its controls, but now it’s on the DSi is it more to...

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

May end up getting this if it turns out good mostly because the WiiWare version sounded decent just overpriced; this, on the other hand, is much more reasonable. Perhaps they've included some new features as well.



jhuhn said:

The ESRB gave the DSiWare version a rating, which means it will be coming soon to North America, which is dated December 14, 2009.



rachelthehedgehog said:

Fun game, but not the best. It's not that good of a game. If you have 5,000 points or 4000 then maybe you can get it but if you have not that much points, you should pass and get something else like Bomberman or Mini's March Again. Terrible game. lol



rainbowkirby6000 said:

lol go on nintendo and watch the video to find out if you like it,if you cant afford cooking mama i think this is the next best thing

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